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Friday 02222013

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by , February 22nd, 2013 at 10:56 PM (98 Views)
I did make it out for a quick/late day spin yesterday. Drove over to the Ahwatukee Park & Ride for this:
Ahwatukee spin 31.9 mi 01:47 17.9mph pace

got caught up with a bunch of work stuff most of the day. but I managed to slip away around 3:30, drove over to Ahwatukee and did a spin there. rode 'the hill' 3 times decent weather, cooler, and a little windy...but compared with yesterday I won't complain.

I was a bit surprised at the number of others I saw out riding. Must have seen at least a dozen other (guys), and most a few we were all doing hill loops. Maybe everyone tried to slip out of work early, and Ahwatukee is always a great area to ride (minus the areas very close to the freeway).

went up to Mesa-Kino this morning for the AM masters swim. Paul coached solo.

got in 500 w/u

8 x 50 @ :45
8 x 25 kick @ :30, used fins, board for the first 6 (last 2 I did on my back)
100 easy

500 free for time, doing a, "Fox & Hound," chase, I was 2nd, 6:33

100 easy

500 free for time w/fins, doing a, "Fox & Hound," chase, I was 2nd, 6:25

100 easy

50 fast from a dive (did 25 fly/25 free)

100 easy

50 fast from a dive (did 50 free)
50 fast from a dive (did 50 breast)
50 fast from a dive (did 50 free)

100 easy

4 rounds of
* 25 fast from a dive (did fly-back-breast-free)
* 25 easy

200 w/d

TTL: 3200 yards

I leave home at about the same time (+/- 3 min), yet some days I arrive at Kino just as Paul is holding the group to start, others I'm there for plenty of warmup. There's a bunch of stoplights, sometimes it works out that I make a bunch of green lights in a row, others I hit every single one red.

anyway, this was the distance set. once we started the 50s/25s, everyone did the same thing, but the sprinters did other stuff while we did the 500s.
on both rounds of the 500s, the #3 guy caught me around 250-300. well he was a bit discreet and didn't touch me or anything, but I saw he was close so pulled off at a wall to let him pass. it was a fun way to do 500s though.

yea I know I should have done that one 50 all fly... I had a decent dive, but didn't get enough dolphin kicks and took 6 strokes. at the turn I was already regretting the pain of the second 25, and just decided to do free.
the other sprints felt good. well my back start stinks, but I never do them...
overall a nice, fun, set with a good mix.

after work, I decided to skip the gym, but after getting home I tried going out for a run...
after work jaunt 1.26 mi 00:10:51 08:37 pace

was planning to do ~2 miles, a loop along the canal up to Pecos and down to Germann, but my stomach started to cramp just as I was passing by (across the canal) the start point. I walked it out a little, but didn't seem to any good, so decided to call it quits. Holly (the dog) did enjoy getting in a little run

I think my body was telling me it was done, so I basically listened. could have been lunch or something that got in the way, but I figure this was better than nothing. and it sure helped tire Holly out, for a while at least.

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