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April racing plans

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by , March 5th, 2013 at 10:58 AM (95 Views)
The Sprinters Spectacular really jazzed me up again about swimming and I'm looking forward to a couple of local meets in April. I'm really hoping I can get my shoulder back in shape -- a good ART session yesterday and then an even better technique session with Anne Wilson were exactly the right things to do the day after the meet.

Next meet up is the Arizona State Championships ( at a newly revamped pool near Tucson (rendering here: Most likely, I will only swim Saturday, but the "one size fits all entry fee" encouraged me to enter events on Sunday in case I can swing a weekend in Tucson. As the order of events stands, though, Saturday is perfect for me:
  • 50 fly
  • 50 free
  • 50 back
  • 400 IM

I'm not a fan of for swimming event entries as none of the e-receipts spit back what you entered. I believe I entered 200 IM, 100 IM and 200 fly on Sunday.

Aside from likely family commitments preventing me from swimming two days in Tucson, the other reason is the MAC Masters "Grand Prix" Invite the following Sunday ( I've signed up to time all finals sessions at the real Grand Prix (along with my wife and two of my daughters), so I am hoping I learn a few things from my lane-side seats watching the pros. I begged Paul and Erin to put the 400 IM at the start of the meet and so entered that along with the 50 back, 50 free and 100 back. Paul's got it in his mind that we're going to put together a strong men's 200 medley relay in Mission Viejo this summer and I guess I'm the designated backstroker. I figure I had better start working on that.

My lesson with Anne yesterday was simply awesome. She shot some quick videos on her iPhone that I have yet to see, but I think we were really able to isolate a stroke flaw that is likely both slowing me down and exacerbating my shoulder. In a nutshell, when I am breathing to my right side, I over-rotate my right shoulder; doing this causes me to then sweep my left arm out very wide (I guess as a counter-balance) and start my pull with that arm in such a way that we think I'm engaging relatively little of my back/lat, but quite a lot of the rotator cup/shoulder area. I'm not sure I'm describing it well. However, when I focused on keeping the right shoulder more flat, I was able to track much straighter with my left arm. Once I got that tracking and initial engagement with the correct/bigger muscles, we also started working on an earlier vertical forearm as I was also dropping my left arm down straight and not getting a high-elbow catch. It felt hugely better by the end of the hour session.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    Sounds very promising. Hopefully you'll emerge with both a healed shoulder and a more efficient stroke!