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Tuesday 03052013

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by , March 6th, 2013 at 12:13 AM (100 Views)
Tues AM sprint swim workout @ Kino

300 w/u (thankfully)

100 blocks for time

10 x 50 @ :10 rest, active recovery

2 x 50 blocks for time, first free, 2nd non-free

8 x 50 @ :10 rest, active recovery

4 x 25 blocks for time, w/easy 25 in between. I did them IMO

6 x 50 @ :10 rest, active recovery

100 w/fins for time (I swam it, free)

4 x 50 @ :10 rest, active recovery

2 x 50 w/fins for time (swam them, first free, 2nd back)

2 x 50 @ :10 rest, active recovery

4 x 25 w/fins for time, w/easy 25 in between each. I did them IMO (did a dolphin kick for breast)

200 w/d

TTL: 2800 yards

I was really glad I was there a little early and got in something. Paul was trying to phrase it like a big cat, how they just sit there eying their prey, then pounce, without warmup. but I'm not a cat, and getting old, so I need a little warmup.

my right ankle was a bit sensitive...a little tweaked from last night's run. I probably took the swims a little easier, just didn't want to do anything to it. but as Leslie has told me, doing fin swims helps--and it certainly did today also.
none of my times were overly impressive, even for me, but I've been slower. my first 100 was 1:07.5, and a little faster w/fins.

the easy swims were pretty much anything. I started out doing a mix of swims, did some kicking, some pulling, etc.

was supposed to meet a friend to ride out in Ahwatukee this afternoon. he bailed on me, but I went anyway:

Ahwatukee spin 43.28 mi 02:23 18.1mph pace

Was supposed to meet up with a friend, but stuff came up and he couldn't make it. I debated if I'd just ride from home, but decided to keep to the plan of Ahwatukee, and got in much more climbing then I would from home. Did 2 full loops around the hills (crested the big hill 4 times). Then did a little spin out to the Sheraton to wrap things up. Was going to call it a ride, but I saw a tri guy doing repeats along Willis, figured I could use a little speedwork and miles, so I did another loop with him. Fantastic weather, 75-80F, a hint of a breeze, and kinda overcast (which was a good thing).

turned into a really nice ride! I'm really enjoying our great weather right now
(sorry for those who are getting that nasty storm)

well I had a choice of swimming the USMS AZ State meet in Oro Valley (near Tucson), or riding in el Tour de Mesa. They're the same weekend, and I think the same thing happened last year.
I took the local option, and I'll be riding el Tour de Mesa, just registered tonight. I did it last year and really liked it, well other than the flat I got. we have so few organized rides here (yes, even less than USMS swim meets), so I'm trying to take advantage of them.
my team actually has a swim meet that next weekend. I had thought I'd be out of town for work, but now it looks like I'll be here, so I'll probably do it. and that one is LCM (I love LCM!)

I'm even considering a family visit and work in this ride, back in PA:
I went to Hershey Park after a sister's wedding, I think in 1999, and it was kinda cool.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    is LCM (I love LCM!)
    Nice! A Convert!
  2. aztimm's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    Nice! A Convert!
    Not a convert, just always liked it. SCY is just too short, and too many turns.

    Any good meets going on in PA in mid-May? It is probably too early for o/w there... Would be cool to do a swim while I'm back there for the Hershey bike thing.