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A little bit of sprinting today...

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by , April 21st, 2009 at 06:27 PM (479 Views)
Tuesday 4/21/09

SCY, Solo

My "all out" sprint is pretty sloppy. And I don't feel like I'm going all out on breakout, it takes a few strokes to get that feeling, especially on backstroke. And on fly it's taking a few strokes to get the kick integrated with the stroke. Basically, my sprint is a mess in all the strokes. Other than that, this workout went well. lol

300 swim free
100 IM kick (on back for all no board)
300 swim alt. 75 free/75 back
100 IM drill
300 pull (no paddles) alt. 50 free/50 back

8 x 25 on :45, do 2 free, 2 fly, 2 back, & 2 choice. odds off the blocks, with a fast breakout,
3 stroke cycles all out, then swim easy to the wall.
evens, start off easy, and be at full speed when you get to the far flags... perfect finishes
(I did fly for the choice. Didn't get any times on these. My fly finish was horrible both times. I hit the wall in the middle of the stroke)
100 easy

4 x 25 all out off the blocks, one of each stroke, walk back
(I did fly-back-fly-free, didn't get times on these)

Repeat 3x{
kick 2 x 50, no board w/10 sec. rest
(did flutter on my back for all around 55-1:00)
swim 100 IM at about 70%
(did these around 1:30)
100 easy }

200 easy swim down choice
(did back/free by 50's)

Total: 2600 yards

Will do 1 hour yoga class tonight.

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