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Saturday/Sunday - Inland NW LMSC Champs Results

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I was feeling a bit sluggish prior to warm-ups, and even stretching out a bit in the pool didnt seem to help. I guess 12 days out of the water, then getting sick (food poisoning) and trying to swim this week anyway wasnt helping me out too much. Oh well, race time anyway

200 Back
season best time by 3 seconds
32.46 / 34.71 / 35.82 / 34.83
This actually felt pretty okay, I was trying to extend my wall underwater work a bit more than normal, even though after the 100 I reverted back to my streamline glides for distance off the walls. Managed to hold off a 40yr-something backstroker for the win.

100 Breast complete blah!
33.00 / 37.72
I just couldnt get into my stroke. I could feel that I wasnt grabbing water, and my pushoffs and pulldowns just didnt have the normal umph that I normally have. It didnt help that 55 year old Mike did a 1:05 with minimal effort next to me. He can glide almost 8-10 yards off one stroke cycle!

200 IM
3 seconds slow
27.98 / 36.52 / 40.25 / 29.78
My fly felt right up until I started my first stroke. By the end of the backstroke it became a good 3 man race myself, Wes (40-something backstroke guy), and Mike (55 yr, breaststoker) Mike caught up quickly, but I managed to stay with him on the breast, Wes was a bodylength behind, but within striking distance. I was beat to the wall by bodylength, but made up my mind that I wasnt going to lose the race. Powered home strong to have a good finish.

No relays today for me. We only have 7 people from my workout group here, and they were going after some 55+ relay records in the LMSC.

I got to see something in person for the first time today at the poolwe have a blind swimmer at the meet this weekend, and she has a person at end of the pool with poles to tap her on the back just prior to reaching the wall. She does all four of the strokes too, and swims straighter than any person with two working eyes. Pretty darn good.



Started off with a good long warmup at the beginning, prior to the 1650s, even though I wasnt doing the 1650 this time.

500 Free
10 x 50 @ ~:15 rest SDK on back/Str. Flutter Kick on back by 25s
4 x 50 Fly Drill 3/3/2/2/1/1/Full Stroke to end
200 Free EZ

Got in for another quick warmup prior to the main part of the meet. Did another 400 or so.

200 Fly

27.98 / 32.79 / 34.59 / 35.77
This felt rather good. I just didnt have my get-out speed at the beginning, and just tried to maintain my 2-up/1-down breathing pattern. Out in about 1:00.8. Nothing hurt until length #7, and then it was just tough it out to the end. I was only 3.5 seconds off my time from 2 months ago in Kirkland, so this was pretty decent.

50 Back leadoff of the 200 Medley Relay
29.63 pretty sure this is a best time for me.
I took 11 SDKs off both the start and the turn. My coach told me I really nailed the competition on the 2nd 25 with the underwater work.

200 Breast 2:41.xx
35.65 / 41.72 / 42.59 / 41.31
I just completed this one. It was cool to see Mike go a 2:23 in front of me at age 55!

500 Free 5:19.61
29.05 / 32.25 (1:01.30)
32.77 / 32.57 (1:05.34)
32.57 / 32.37 (1:04.94)
32.25 / 32.54 (1:04.79)
31.95 / 31.29 (1:03.24)
Good way to end the meet. Even split it and had fun.

Now it's time to get my butt back in shape. I've got about 5 weeks till Indy, but 2 weeks until I do one day of a Triple Pentathlon meet (USAS). Of course, the distance version I'm signed up for. Swimming these times at or close to my season best times with the 2 weeks off from training makes me feel good about what's to come at Indy.

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Updated April 7th, 2013 at 10:23 PM by jaadams1

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  1. That Guy's Avatar
    Good job! I think that 500 was your best swim.
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy
    Good job! I think that 500 was your best swim.
    THanks! Yeah, I believe the 500 was my best swim, as well as the freestyle of the 200 IM. I can fake freestyle on limited training, but to do strokework well, you have to be in training.
  3. aztimm's Avatar
    that sounds like a great meet! did you have much of a drive to/from?

    so what is a 'good' 100 breast time for you? I'd love to have a 1:10, would be an NQT
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by aztimm
    that sounds like a great meet! did you have much of a drive to/from?

    so what is a 'good' 100 breast time for you? I'd love to have a 1:10, would be an NQT
    under 1:10 I just didn't have any feel for the water, and normally that's not the case. I just didn't feel like i was doing anything correctly.