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Sunday 04282013

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by , April 29th, 2013 at 12:20 AM (93 Views)
well I survived another work trip, but unfortunately didn't get in a single workout. days were long, starting by 7am, and mostly going until 9pm+. I was in San Diego working an event, which ended up going extremely well. I think our kickoff dinner on the USS Midway was simply incredible. Even though I was working it, I did get to mix/mingle with some folks who I know, I ate plenty, and had a few glasses of wine. our finale award ceremony and gala dinner on Friday night were both incredible. Our company CEO was able to pop in for the award ceremony...I have no idea how he does all this had a shareholder/quarterly earnings meeting earlier in the week, meets with the President regularly, etc. I posted the picture of the dessert on Facebook, it was incredible
unfortunately, I imbibed a bit too much wine on Friday night. I hadn't done that for several years... I don't even know how many glasses, but I was in a sad state by the time I made it up to my room, and even sadder while trying to work the breakfast shift the next morning. somehow I made it through, put everything in my suitcase, and flew back Sat afternoon.

I really debated if I'd sleep in or just bike this morning. I still wasn't back to 100% (yea I was that bad), but I figured I could at least do an easy spin around Ahwatukee. I did a bit more than that, but not much...

ATM + Saddle 69.53 mi 03:55 17.7mph pace

Certainly not my best ride. I was feeling a week of travel, being on my feet, etc (and a little drinking Friday night still). Was glad I got out to ride, but when I got to SoMo, I realized yea I could make it to the towers, but why kill myself doing I turned around at the saddle. Was with a bunch of people off/on for the way back which helped.

yea I wimped out. I could have gone to the TV Towers, but after getting halfway up, my stomach wasn't happy (not to mention my legs and body in general), so I turned around and headed back.
oddly, I was with a guy for a while on the way back who was very chatty. he asked me how my ride was, and I said, "Ehhh," then I asked about his and he said, "South Mountain was very nice to me today."
oh well, not every ride (or swim, or run) is going to feel like a million dollars.
that said, any ride when I get home in one piece is a good ride. a friend of mine crashed this morning, had a hospital visit for x-rays, CT scan, stitches, etc. he won't be riding for at least a few weeks.

later today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim.
did my 5 x 600 theme:

600 w/u

6 x 100 kick @ 1:50, w/board and fins
each done 50 flutter/50 dolphin, really working the walls

6 x 100 @ 1:30, desc 1-3/4-6
3 was about 1:15, 6 around 1:12

3 x 200 pull @ 2:45, w/paddles + buoy

12 x 50--
* odds: free @ :50, mostly recovery
* evens: breast @ 1:00, descending 1-3/4-6, really working the walls/turns (last was about 40)

100 easy

100 fast free for time, 1:08

200 w/d

about 10-15 min stretching in the hot tub

100 very very easy final cool down

TTL: 3500 yards

this was a pretty good swim! there were a few others actually swimming too, which always helps. I got my fav lane, which of course I like too.

after watching tv, napping, and basically vegging most of the afternoon, I felt so much better and was glad I gave the swim a shot.

tomorrow is an off/recovery day. I just have to see if I have anything on my calendar. otherwise, I plan to sleep in until 7ish, do a short run (2-3 miles), go to the noon swim workout, and maybe even lift tomorrow night.
there's a splash & dash on May 2 (I think), 1500m swim and 5k run. I could just do the swim, but figure I should at least give the run a shot....back 2-3 years ago, a 5k would barely be a warm-up run for me.

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