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Monday 04292013

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by , April 29th, 2013 at 07:56 PM (102 Views)
it was so refreshing to sleep in a bit this morning. since I wanted to run, I still woke up around 6am (compared with 4:30 or whatever hour I get up to swim it was luxurious), and I did make it out for a nice little run:
Mon AM Run along Paseo Trail 3.12 mi 00:27 08:44 pace

There's a Splash & Dash this Thurs. I know I have the splash down, but not sure on the thought I'd give it a shot. Took Holly (the dog) with me up to Pecos, then dropped her off at home, and went down to Los Arboles park solo. Great weather, mid-60s with a little breeze (breeze is good for running). The hardest part was going back out after dropping off the dog...but once I was out I felt fine. I'll probably sign up for the Splash & Dash, just for fun.

I think Holly was surprised when I put on my running shoes, then got her leash. she did some of her usual stuff when running, went out fast, had one random stop (when she just stood there), and one pee break, but as soon as we turned around (we ran across the Pecos Rd canal bridge), she went into a fast pace all the way back home.
I had some great music...some selections that I remember:
"Been Caught Stealing," by Jane's Addiction
"Smoke on the Water," by Deep Purple
"Everybody Dance Now," by C&C Music Factory
I guess I could listen to music while I bike, I've seen some people do it, especially with one earbud. but I'm usually busy riding, shifting, stopping, etc.

I napped and watched some tv in the morning. was nice not having anything to do.

headed up to Kino for the noon masters workout. we were in the main pool, and it was long course
Laurel coached (I hadn't seen her for ages)

got in 300 w/u

set 1:
100 kick @ 2:10
100 IM @ 2:00
100 free @ 1:40
100 kick @ 2:10
100 IM @ 2:00
200 free @ 3:20
100 kick @ 2:10
100 IM @ 2:00
300 free @ 5:00
100 kick @ 2:10
100 IM @ 2:00
400 free @ 6:40

set 2, all 50s pull w/paddles + buoy, @ :50
1 easy/1 fast
1 easy/2 fast
1 easy/3 fast
1 easy/4 fast
1 easy/5 fast

100 w/d

TTL: 3200m

so I rarely swim at noon, especially at Kino (I occasionally do at Skyline). I don't know many other swimmers, it is a different crowd than mornings or evenings.
anyway, I was taking off my t-shirt and shorts when someone came up to me and said, "you're Tim, aren't you?" I said yea...turns out it was chaos from the forums. how the heck he remembered me from a year ago, I have no idea.

I think we only had 10 or so swimmers. I had my own lane, which felt rather luxurious (solo in a 50m lane really is).
for set 1, we were mostly on our own. Laurel did walk around, see where we were at, gave a little feedback, etc. I did my 25m fly as 1-arm drills, but did real back and breast (was trying to even out my odd looking cycling tan)
for set 2, there were 3 of us who did it together...chaos (who didn't have a buoy or paddles), a guy on the other side, and me. it really made it much more intense kinda racing...and trying to keep ahead of someone who just flew in this morning, was tapering for some major lake swimming later this week, and who didn't have cheater paddles

water was very refreshing, almost chilly at first, probably 80ish. but air temps, well it was in the low 90s when I got there, and upper 90s when I left (high of 102 here today). humidity is 5%. I'd rate water clarity pretty high...they really do a great job at keeping the pool clean.

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