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Tuesday 04302013

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went out for a nice spin on my bike this morning:

Tues AM Spin to Ahwatukee 49.89 mi 02:38 19.0mph pace

felt a little sore, especially my quads, I'm guessing from my run yesterday. but after 15-20 miles, I worked out most of the kinks and was ready by the time I got to climbing in Ahwatukee. felt pretty good, temp was about 70 with some light breezes, sunny. did a hill loop, then went back and did the last hill again. was a little earlier (since it is getting warmer) and definitely noticed the increase in traffic.

the morning temps will be pleasant for another month maybe, before the heat really sets in. it is kinda nice when it begins, gets warm during the day, but still rather pleasant overnight.

went up to Mesa-Kino for the PM masters swim workout today
we were in the main pool (SCY)
Jack coached

got in 400 w/u, various (some 100s and 50s, with some stroke)

16 x 25 kick @ :35, each done 1/2 fast, 1/2 easy
used fins for them all, did a mix of some flutter w/board, dolphin w/board (both on belly), flutter on back, and dolphin on back

main set: 6 rounds of--
* 3 x 50 @ 1:10, desc 1-3
* 100 easy recovery
I did rounds 1, 3, and 5 free (descended down to 31)
rounds 2 and 6 were breast (got down to 40)
round 4 was backstroke (didn't really get times, flags were way off because of the wind)

300 w/d

TTL: 2600 yards

water felt very refreshing, again almost chilly when I dove in, but quickly warmed up, especially doing the fast swims.
didn't realize how much my run yesterday trashed my legs...well some could have been from cycling this morning. as soon as I started that kick set, I could feel it in my quads.
the main set felt pretty good for freestyle. again the breaststroke was a killer with my legs. backstroke was just meh...with the flags so far off, I nearly bopped my head during warm-up on one end, and kept turning way too soon on the other end.

I did register for the Splash & Dash for Thursday. I'm not going to win, not that I would anyway even if I tried, but going just to have fun. there's another in 2 weeks, and a lake swim a week from Sat...all these will keep me busy

oh my work trip that I thought would be to Dallas in a few weeks got a little changed. it is now in June, and to Fargo, ND instead. oh well.... maybe there's a pool there somewhere.

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