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Sunday 05052013

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went out for a nice spin on my bike this morning:
Beeline-Busy-Usery 76.4 mi 04:29 17.0mph pace

Thought I'd join the Global-Gilbert shop group ride, so left home early to get there for the 6:30 start. I rode with them for a few miles...but it was a bit too slow for me, so I told the SAG guy I'd turn off when we got to McDowell. I took it the other way, Gilbert to Beeline to Bush to Usery. Oddly, I saw them just getting to the Saguaro Lake Marina as I came down Bush Hwy. Was crazy windy...Usery was not fun. I ran out of liquids, stopped, got a jumbo Gatorade, and even that was nearly gone by the time I got home. Did the loop past Gateway airport for a change...kind of interesting -v- staying on Ellsworth to Pecos.

I'm ready for the winds to be done. Only then I think the heat will settle in for good...well until mid-Oct.
funny thing about that group ride. I rode with them in Jan or Feb I think, and I don't remember it being so slow. but today...not only was it slow but some very erratic riding, where I'd be riding somewhat normally then have to slam on my brakes to avoid hitting someone. I just wanted to get away from it.
nothing quite like riding up the Beeline with views of Four Peaks tempting me for most of the time.

later today I went over to the gym pool for a solo swim:

600 w/u

4 x 150 pull @ 2:15, w/agility paddles + buoy

12 x 50 @ :50, desc every 3

6 x 100 kick @ 1:55, w/fins + board
each done as 50 flutter/50 dolphin

3 x 200 pull @ 2:45, w/large paddles + buoy

200 pull w/agility paddles + buoy (just to compare), time was 2:45

200 w/d

about 5-10 min of stretching in hot tub

another 100 very very easy

TTL: 3500 yards

ever since Paul gave me the agility paddles last week I've been itching to try them out. I used them last year once, but that was a while ago, and not very long. I think that he had me try a few other toys that day too (another couple pairs of paddles and some goggles too).
anyway, they work very well. I can imagine that if I used them a ton I could get blisters between my thumb and index finger. I do like that there's no straps, and I love the size...they're about the same size as my hand (I have rather large hands, I remember when I was young and played piano my teacher was always surprised at my reach).
of course then I had to use my TYR Catalyst paddles. for 200s @ 2:45, I held around 2:32. using that same effort level (roughly) with the agility paddles I came in around 2:43. some of that could have been fatigue (toward the end of workout) as well as just learning to use the paddles properly. heck I've been using those TYR Catalyst since about 2000.

otherwise the swim was mostly recovery. the 50s set was tougher than I thought it would be.
there wasn't anyone else in the pool the entire time I was there. occasionally I saw people go in the hot tub, sauna, or steam room, but I was mostly by myself in the whole area.

well our fridge is finally dying after 13+ years. both the fridge and freezer are just limping along... thankfully we have a chest freezer in the garage (oddly we got it around the same time) as well as a small fridge too. we ordered a new one from Home Depot yesterday (as well as a matching stove and microwave), but it won't be delivered until 5/15. hopefully we can survive that long.

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