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No time to swim!

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No time to swim today. Probably all right to have an off day. Instead, I:

purchased massive quantities of food;
answered numerous text messages from swimmers, lol;
tended children;
drank copious amounts of water and green tea;
contemplated an ice bath;
purchased daffodils and tulips
stretched out Jimby's B70
packed swim bag (with back up suit!)

Ready for the meet and festivities! Expecting about 20 or so forumites, assorted GMUP teammates, spouses (they're very brave to tolerate all the boring swim shop talk!) and children on Sunday. Should be perfect weather, 85 degrees and sunny. Pool is open. No hottub for Team Hottub members though. Someone else will have to host that one! Thought we could celebrate Wookiee's birthday early. In lieu of a cake, he's requested kisses from all the beautiful ladies.

Not nervous yet. I just read that a friend was nauseous before her meet. Doesn't seem terribly uncommon. Does this happen to anyone else? Do we swim better the more nervous we are or not? I've found that, for me, some nerves/adrenline is definitely good ... but I seem to swim just as fast relaxed with my bad ass sprinter attitude. I seem to calm down when I've got my first event under my belt.

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Updated April 24th, 2009 at 03:57 PM by The Fortress



  1. Speedo's Avatar
    Sounds like you got some aerobic work despite missing your swim Party sounds like it will be fantastic. I'm sort of a one-trick-pony with respect to preparing party food- would anyone object to someone bringing home-made beef jerky?

    I've heard of others feeling nauseous before events, but I have not. I'll get pretty nervous and twitchy though, kind of like now. I stopped by GMU for a quick swim at lunchtime and I started to get pretty pumped up with the competition pool all set up. I hope the pumpedness goes away or I'll wear myself out before the first event.
  2. elise526's Avatar
    Good luck tomorrow!
  3. KEWebb18's Avatar
    The party sounds like a great time! Swim fast this weekend!
  4. qbrain's Avatar
    Hopefully copious amounts of qbrain recovery drink will be consumed after everyone has an excellent swim meet.

    Good luck to you and your bad ass sprinter attitude.
  5. pwolf66's Avatar
    To heck with swimming, I'm looking forward to the EATING!!!!!
  6. The Fortress's Avatar
    Thanks guys! I think we'll have fun.
  7. tjrpatt's Avatar
    I saw Jimby's borrowed B70 today.
  8. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    I saw Jimby's borrowed B70 today.
    He seemed to like it.

    Tom, very nice 1650. Huge drop from last year! Bravo.
  9. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pwolf66
    To heck with swimming, I'm looking forward to the EATING!!!!!
    Right on! I promise there will be burgers for Erika this time!