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So, I felt really awesome swimming after nationals this week. My FR felt so good and easy...
I thought that maybe I just got my taper slightly wrong.

I instinctively wanted to swim hard today and I did a 100-500-100 pyramid and was pretty aggressive throughout. So I'm unsure if I need to rest a little earlier next can't hurt to try I guess. I think I will try it for SCM in BU--which is an odd meet for me as my performances have been great or craptacular.

A 2nd thought I had is that I'm still pretty hairless--relax ladies. Which begs the question, should I swim clipped throughout the year and just shave off the stubble and dead skin prior to a big meet?

I know this is contrary to conventional thinking, but if the goal is to condition my mind and body in to swimming fast--does swimming "hairy" contradict this?

I guess it's along the theory of no longer wearing a drag suit because it teaches the body to swim slower. Or, the idea of swimming in a tech suit to get used to moving as a faster pace and holder a better body posture.

What say ye?

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    How long did you taper? I know you bumped it down earlier than me, but don't know the progression.

    I like to be sleeker in the water to practice racing skills. I should wear a tech suit more in practice. Stay clipped if it's not a huge hassle.
  2. SwimStud's Avatar
    I did a LT set the Wed before Zones and then started taper. I just feel like I really ready to race...maybe I just held taper who knows, but remember I felt blah even in the week before Nats and only just felt excited a day before...I'll go a-tapering a little earlier next time...especially if zones is in there.
  3. The Fortress's Avatar
    And Zones wasn't exactly an easy workout for you, coming right after that LT set.

    I dunno, I only did a couple LT sets all season. Definitely not anywhere near a meet.

    I still like the linear decrease best, but I did all right with crash taper for zones, bump it up and then 2 week taper.
  4. Water Rat's Avatar
    I did a quick survey and the ladies in Pitt all scream "Clipped!". This includes those from the Tilted Kilt.
    My taper was 3 weeks. The first week is same yardage on longer intervals. a little less intensity. 2nd week is 10% less yardage with again longer intervals and less intensity. last week the bottom drops out. 50% less yardage. technique, technique, technique. sweat the small stuff and the details like breathing patterns, stroke rate, turn position, number of SDK's, etc. the last week, my feeling is REST is utmost importance. sleep in. go to bed early. eat right. at the end of each workout, i'd do some short speed work. nothing longer than a 25 and not every day.
    i can't stand drag suits! i don't know how people use them day in and day out