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05.29.13 - Wednesday workout

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Swam w/ Dave and Sam. We've had some changes this week. First, the swim team comes in at 7:00 so out time is more limited. Usually Dave and I stretch the workout to a little over 5K with some easier swims but we go way past 7:00. Can't really do that anymore. If we want a 5k workout, we have to pick up the pace. Second, the pool temp has dropped drastically. For pretty much the entire winter/spring, they kept it at 86 minimum. Suddenly, it is 82-84. No complaints from me and it has allowed me to swim longer without wearing out so much. Sam is getting back in shape quickly. I can't even keep up with his breaststroke anymore. He was doing backstroke on a lot of our main sets today and staying ahead of my freestyle. But, he swims in college and is in his early 20s. I'm in my mid 40s. I'm happy I was able to keep up while it lasted.


600 Warm up

10 x 100 - 1:20 (held 1:15s)
2:00 Rest
5 Rounds of:
* 3 x 100 - 1:20
* 1 x 100 - 1:15
50 Easy
10 x 100 - 1:15, #4 and #8 on 1:20

12 x 50 - :50, IM Order

200 Cool down

(5450 Total)

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Updated May 29th, 2013 at 12:33 PM by pmccoy

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