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Friday 05312013

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went up to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout
we had choices! Paul/LCM or Laura/SCY in diving well. I went with Paul's distance group

got in 300 w/du

400, done as 50 scull/350 swim/50 kick
4 x 100 @ 1:50
400 swim, neg split (I finished in 6:05, and my split was 3:05)
4 x 100 @ 1:40
400 IM (or at least 25 non free per 100), I did 50 fly drill, 50 back, and 100 breast
8 x 50 @ :50
400 pull (w/paddles + buoy), neg split (finish was 5:56, split 2:55)

4 x 100 w/fins + paddles, all out @ 3:00
(times were 1:15, 1:14, 1:12, 1:10)

300 w/d

TTL: 3800m

we had 4 lanes (out of 8) in the main pool, and I was in the 2nd fastest lane. some people tried to get me to go over, but when I saw who else was in my lane, I figured I'd be better off there.
we had 6 in my lane...I went 3rd most of the set (oddly we had 3 guys/3 gals and all 3 guys went ahead)

this was a really good set, I liked it at least. just when we thought we'd go down to 4 x 100 @ 1:30, Paul switched it to 50s @ :50 I was going to grab my paddles if we had the first.
on the pull set, I thought the other 2 guys were both wearing paddles. they switched their order, the one said he'd go 2nd. I was pulling out my gear, etc, and didn't notice that he didn't have on paddles until just before he pushed off. even with a healthy 10 sec behind (we go 10 sec apart for LCM), I caught him about 150m in, and took about a whole 50m to pass.

Paul told me I should be going 1:08 on those fast 100s at the end. I said, "that's what I do in a meet...once." then I started on my list of excuses, "I rode 50 yesterday..." but I was happy I descended them (although it was supposed to be best avg). oh well

after work, I headed over to the gym (24 Hour @ Mesa-Riverview):

Tmill: 14 min, 186 cal, 1.61 miles, avg 6.9 mph
Stomach cramps so bailed...

Leg rolling: 5 min
Plank w forearms on roller: 2 x 1:15
Side plank: two rounds of 45 sec right/45 sec left

Various stretching

Precor pec fly: 1 x 15 x 75, 1 x 15 x 120, 2 x 12 x 135, 1 x 9 x 150

Life fitness triceps extension: 1 x 15 x 65, 2 x 12 x 80, 1 x 10 x 95

Bench: 1 x 15 x 45 (empty bar), 1 x 12 x 95, 2 x 10 x 115, 1 x 6 x 135

Leg raises on captain's chair: 3 x 12

Swim 500m (SCM) shakeout

I guess I should be upset that I couldn't run. well I would have been a year or 2 ago. but I really wasn't in the mood today anyway. it started as a cramp on the right side of my abs, then went away, so I continued. then it resurfaced on the left side and just got worse and I bagged it. of course as soon as I stopped, it went away.

I really wanted to do pullups, but whenever I went near the Universal machine there were tons of people there. so I just did other stuff. I'm certain that I'll regret I benched...I tried to keep it light, but that is not forgiving, even when I was lifting regularly I'd feel it. that was one reason I did a nice stretch-out swim, maybe I won't be super sore...

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