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Of Swimming Bondage

Begone Ennui & Angst, you evil twins of despair!

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by , June 10th, 2013 at 06:16 PM (84 Views)
I was bumming after Saturday's little meet-like workout, but I slept well Sunday, turned my mind completely away from swimming (other than to write this week's HVT workouts) and focused on other things. I saw a great movie, The Stories We Tell, with my wife, cooked up a nice BBQ meal for the family and then capped off a day of sloth by watching an episode of The Idiot Abroad ( Good times indeed and a great way to banish ennui and angst from my mind.

I woke up reinvigorated today, walked all three dogs (about an hour in total), did my PT exercises and did a light swim:
  • 1 x 200: IM kick
  • 6 x 100: on 1:45, w/snorkel focusing on technique (key points: strong kick connection to hip role, entry of hands, pulling back straight and w/high elbow)
  • 6 x 50: on 0:50, w/snorkel and agility paddles focusing on technique
  • 8 x 25: on 0:30, w/monofin, underwater SDK, odds cruise with 1 breath, evens fast no breath
  • 4 x 50: on 0:50, gentle descend freestyle swim without equipment

TOTAL: 1,500 SCM

I'll do something fast tomorrow.

I'm looking ahead to a decent summer racing schedule and will try to remain Zen-detached from the results:
  • June 22nd / 23rd -- Colonies Zones LCM
  • July 20th -- McCall Mile High Mile OW Swim (
    • This should be fun as I've convinced my wife to drive through here on the way back from our summer vacation. McCall, Idaho is home to the Brundage Mountain ski resort (; while I haven't traced the family connection, I'll at least be able to get some good photos of Brundages on Brundage Mountain!

  • July 28th -- Grand Canyon State Games LCM (
  • Aug 8th to 10th -- Summer Nationals
    • I'm still unsure if I'll be able to attend, but I'm going to enter some events on Thursday through Saturday so that, if I can be there, I can do some relays.
    • Contemplating
      • Thursday -- 100 breast, 200 IM
      • Friday -- 50 breast, 200 back
      • Saturday -- 400 IM, 50 free

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