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David W Cochran

Wed. Jun 19 Easy Afternoon Swim

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Slept in this morning. Figured I could use the extra 2 hours sleep more than an early morning swim. Plus, my left knee hurt all night and was almost "frozen" this morning. Very painful and little movement. Got a little better during the day. Strange - it was my right knee, but that has been better. My left ankle and foot had bothered me some. Then, pain started going up my left calf and above my knee. Then, over the past few days the pain has centered around my left knee. Meanwhile, my knee has been feeling fine. We're talking pain at 7 on a scale of 10. Sometimes, when I've been driving for 20 to 30 minutes, stabbing pains will start in my knee. Got to get to the Dr.

Today was my last day at my job. Start a new one tomorrow. Left early today and went to the pool this afternoon for a easy swim to loosen up. Tomorrow is a rest day.

3x100 Free on 1:45
2x100 Free -75% on 3:0
100 Back
12x25 on :45 Free and Back - working breathing, 80%
100 Kick
100 Free - work turns
4x50 Free/Back

1300 Yards
50 minutes

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