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Wednesday 06192013

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by , June 19th, 2013 at 11:45 PM (118 Views)
went to Mesa-Skyline for the AM masters swim workout
we were in the main pool (LCM)
Laurie (or Lori?) coached

300 swim
4 x 50 pull @ :50 (used big paddles + buoy)

main sets: 3 rounds
100 easy @ 2:10
200 FAST @ 4:00
200 easy @ 3:40
100 FAST @ 2:00
200 easy real interval (used my agility paddles + buoy)

300 w/d

TTL: 3200m

I hadn't been to Skyline since Feb (according to Four Square on my iPhone at least). it was really nice to have LCM, and masters had 4 lanes. I was in the fastest lane, along with 2 other LCM converts from Kino and 1 Skyline regular. I went 3rd most of the set, except on the last round I went 2nd (I think I led on that last 100 fast)

my times weren't too bad. for the fast 200s I was about 2:50-2:52, and for the fast 100s 1:20-1:22. nowhere near my meet times, but I usually don't swim the night before a meet either, and we didn't use blocks today either.

water was a little warmer than I expected. in the past Skyline has been a touch cooler than Kino, but I'm guessing they haven't been using the aerators as much as Kino (I gave several people grief that they took so long to start).

was hoping to get to the gym tonight, but it didn't work out (the people who dogsat Holly wanted to bring their dog by for a visit).

but I did get out for a little run along the Paseo Trail:
Evening shuffle along the Pas... 2.72 mi 00:24 08:43 pace

Have no idea what I was thinking, I really should know better. But actually this wasn't too horrible. Splits: 9:02, 8:45, 8:28.

It wasn't as bad as I thought. I ran about a mile north, stopped to drink some water, ran back, and I kinda got into a groove, and kept going just past the freeway overpass, then came back to my finish.
but the best part was jumping in the backyard pool after I got home

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