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Zones, Less is More, Day 2

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Zones, Day 2

-- scratched the evil events

50 fly, 30.29, NR

My start wasn't as crisp as usual. My feet were separated when I hit the water. Had just an OK breakout. My fly felt smooth, but my turnover slowed a bit the last 10 meters. Small glide at the finish. Solid swim, but not at the level of my SCY 50 fly at Nats. Still happy with the time! I broke the NR, but missed the WR by .05 (which was my goal for this meet). I was a tiny bit disappointed, but, given everything, I'll gladly take the 30.29. I'm also psyched to have the 50 fly record in all three courses, despite not being a long course swimmer.


So I only swam 3 of my 6 individual events at this Zones meet. It was all I had the physical and mental energy for, and even that was pushing it. The timing of my malaise sucked, but one has to expect that as a masters swimmer. I'm glad I bucked up and swam the meet. The times were not PRs, but they were my best in my current age group and best non-tech suit times. And I am hopeful they will hold up as FINA #1s. I'll be watching the results at Mission for sure.

The best part of the meet -- as usual -- was hanging out with PV friends and teammates. And it was nice to see Patrick, who closed out the meet with a nice looking 400 IM.

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Updated June 23rd, 2013 at 10:34 PM by The Fortress

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  1. jackback's Avatar
    i'm glad to have had the pleasure of meeting you today and look forward to your future blog post workouts. It can't but help this old distance swimmer ! I watched your fifty and your thoughts are right on, it did look like you tightened up with 10 to 12 mtrs to go ... 2 breaths, nice ...a very impressive 50. take care jack c
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Nice to meet you, Jack! I thought I took 3 breaths, but I'm too tired to really remember. If you want some good sprint workouts, check out the High Intensity Training workouts I write.