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Strait of Juan de Fuca: The 24 page pre-plan

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This is it, my final post before the swim. Meghan and Caitlin are in town, the weather remains sunny and calm, and all indications point to a go on 28 July 2013. But we wouldnt be able to start without the pre-plan being approved.

Last summer, I began typing up a so youre going to crew for me type document to make early morning pre-swim discussions with an unfamiliar captain and crew a little easier. It is two pages and goes over what I want and expect from them on the average swim, and what they should want and expect from me. This document, along with the one-page supplement, makes up the last three pages of this swims pre-plan.

Early on in the planning, it became clear that the swim manager would need to have a lot written down to get across the borders and shipping lanes, so I began to draft a swim-specific pre-plan. As July approached, VTS recommended I submit a pre-plan for them to distribute to various agencies, and I was like, easy, here it is! They made one set of comments (thorough comments) and included emergency numbers, proper VTS procedure, and asked me to clarify some whys and hows. When they passed it on to the Port Angeles USCG station, USCBP, CBSA, and the Canadian Coast Guard, they got unanimous approval on the first try something Im told is a feat in itself.

The document is attached for your use, review, and enjoyment. Its sections are broken up as follows:
  1. definitions; vessel details
  2. entry into Canada
  3. entry into US
  4. communications
  5. emergency numbers
  6. VTS
  7. CANPASS worksheet
  8. safety goal
  9. safety authority
  10. crew responsibilities
  11. go/no-go decision
  12. safety plan
  13. escort craft description
  14. swim rules (taken from Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association rules)
  15. current overview
  16. daily route plans with current info
  17. general crew info
  18. specific crew info.

The document can be found at my old MIMS2012 website:

Thanks for sharing in the adventure!

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    Good luck! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventure.
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    My favorite sentence: "Under no circumstances will the kayaker be towed with the kayaker in the kayak." It's an impressively thorough document.

    Thanks for arranging start times that don't require those of us on the east coast following your progress online to be up in the middle of the night. You will remind us how to do that before the big day?

    Oh, and good luck! I'm so excited for you. I know you'll have a blast out there!
  3. andrewmalinak's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by swimsuit addict
    You will remind us how to do that before the big day?!
    Thanks! Of course I will! I've commandeered your under-the-pier buddy to live-tweet for me.

    In case I forget:
    • @andrewswims
    •, search MMSI: 367575160
    • Text Caitlin