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Monday 07222013

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went to Mesa-Kino for the AM masters swim workout
we were in the main pool, far north side (bulkhead as a wall)
Laura coached solo

missed w/u

6 rounds--
* 2 x 75 swim @ 1:15
* 1 x 50 kick @ 1:00, board (no fins)

15 x 100 @ 1:40
--odds hold 500 pace
--evens 500 pace minus 2 sec

100 easy

400 pull (supposed to be breathing pattern)

200 w/d

TTL: 3400 yards

not sure why we were in the end part of the pool, usually kids swim over there. we had all 8 lanes, but there were tons of swimmers...we had 5 in my lane (some lanes had 6). I went last in the lane for everything but the pull set (when I led), so I pretty much just drafted along....

I had a drag suit on for the first set and really felt it. well I was probably a bit sore from riding and swimming yesterday too.
so I took it off before the 100s and felt a little better. I've never swum a 500 in a meet (well I haven't really swum a yards meet for over 10 years). I mostly just heldl 1:15 for the odds and around 1:13 for the evens, but I didn't necessarily try to go faster, I really just got pulled along.

the odd thing about my lane was I was the only regular swimmer there. we had another guy, who is the son of a woman who swims with us (she was a lane or 2 over). he is home from college for the summer (a smaller school in Minnesota, but I can't remember which). there were 3 gals, one goes to Villanova, and I had never seen the other 2 before. they didn't leave me much space to finish, but I managed to slide in somehow each time (one time they didn't leave me any space and I hadn't noticed until I swam right into someone).

had a massage right after swimming. finally it was one when I didn't have any pressing issues. she was able to do a good all-over body massage. well there are always some triggers.

I actually thought of going to the gym to do a solo swim...I really want to take advantage of the cool water. but the rainy/cloudy weather just makes me not want to do anything.
after I came home I took my dog out for a little walk, about a mile.

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