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Workout 09/03/13: evening

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Had a nice Labor Day with a cookout at our house (the exchange kids helped me make a macaroni salad) and then a campfire across the street at our neighbors, a great treat to welcome all the kids to the new school year today. First Day programs are welcomed in our community, where parents can stay a little longer after the kids start school to sit in on the opening assembly and usually a time to meet the PTG/PTF.

I stayed for the chapel at the college - great speaker looking at Mark 1:9-15. Later I picked Preston up for his first football game on the home field. The JV team played well, but was beaten by the visitors - he was pretty upset and not readily looking at the positives as he fretted about the score. Just like in swimming, sometimes our practices and competitions don't go the way we'd like, but we need to find the good things to help us find the motivation to keep getting back at it.

Made it to the Rec tonight (first day back in two weeks ) for Masters. Well, to be honest, for GregJS and mine private swim! We did:

- 200 swim/200 kick/200 pull with buoy/50 EZ w/u,

- 300 Swim (long/strong, walls) followed by 50 kick/50 pull
- 300 Swim (middle 100 no free) followed by 50 pull/50 kick
- 300 Swim (descend by 100's) followed by 100 IM drill
- 300 Swim (no breath into/out of deep end flags)

- 8 x 25 on :40 (odds = stroke, evens = Free FAST)
- 1 x 50 EZ and out
(Master/Rec/2400 yds/60 min)

Nice to get into a spiffy-clean pool after the shut-down. Everything seems brighter. Sunday I officially fell behind the GTD, but this swim almost puts me over 200 miles for the year. Perhaps with staycation in full swing I can rectify the deficit

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