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Weekend 1012-10132013, Tour de Scottsdale

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by , October 14th, 2013 at 12:22 AM (98 Views)
I went out for a spin yesterday...the intention was taperish, but I think I overdid it...
Just a little spin to prep for tomorrow. Since I was so close I did one pass at the Wagon Wheel hill, saw a few other cyclists down there, and a bunch of mountain guys getting ready to head out from San Tan park. Nice weather, now hoping for nice tomorrow too

I went up to Scottsdale yesterday to pick up my packet for today. although I could have done it this morning, I always like to do it ahead of time...

then I rode Tour de Scottsdale this morning:
Tour de Scottsdale 67.51 mi 03:23 20.0mph pace

after riding uphill from my car to the start, I knew this wouldn't be good. it wasn't too bad, but I finished about 15 min slower than last year. there was a big crash about 1/2 mile from the start, and a couple others here/there. I had a bit of trouble finding/sticking with a good group, and ended up on my own quite a bit. those 'little' hills toward the end really killed me this year too. while climbing Shea, one guy near me started singing ZZ Top's, "Legs," which was then stuck in my mind the rest of the ride. oh well, maybe if I'm not on vacation so much I'll improve again next year

ride back to car 2.73 mi 00:11:10 14.7mph pace

didn't realize how sore I was until I got back on my bike for the ride back to my car. that shuttle was sounding good...but I stuck it out. in the end I think a slow/easy ride was good for me.

In hindsight, I was really glad I got my packet yesterday. I thought I left home with plenty of time, and arrived at a similar time as last year. but the close parking was all full
I had to park at the same place where packet pickup was yesterday, then figure out how to get to the start...that 2.7 miles, but mostly uphill. I got there at 6:15, and the tour started at 6:30. the worst thing was...I really had to pee, but I was so rushed when I got there I went right in the corral. then the race started, and I kept thinking about it.
they gave splits this year at 15, 30, 45, 60 miles, plus the finish. my time for the first 15 was slow...and was just tough to make that up. when I did get with groups, they'd pass me then slow down. just wasn't my thing. I did get with a decent group about 35 or so miles in.
then of course when that guy started singing, "Legs," I got it stuck in my mind the rest of the ride...and the ride home:

here's a picture of the start:

after I got home, I could hardly walk, had trouble bending over, and spent most of the afternoon on the couch, icing off/on. but I told myself that I really HAD to go to the gym for a recovery swim.

went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

600 w/u, including some breast

4 x 50 breast kick w/board @ 1:10

100 easy

4 x 100 kick w/fins @ 2:00, done 25 flutter/25 dolphin

100 easy

5 x 100 swim w/Agility paddles @ 1:30

100 easy

4 x 50 breast @ 1:00

100 easy

2 x 200 pull @ 2:45, w/buoy + large paddles

300 w/d

TTL: 3100 yards

I went intending to just swim ~1500, but before I knew it I swam much more.
my intention was also to not do intervals, just swim for feel. but with the pace clock staring at me from across the pool, it is hard not to use it. that said, I got ~10 sec for each set, so I didn't kill myself.

nothing really noteworthy. my goal was to feel better after than when I got in the water, and that was successful.

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