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Tuesday 10152013

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by , October 16th, 2013 at 01:04 AM (95 Views)
was still a bit sore when I woke up this morning...and the temp was down in the 50s. so I worked a little, avoided the bulk of rush hour, and went out to ride around 8am:
Home to Ahwatukee 44.85 mi 02:28 18.1mph pace

Was very sore after the ride Sunday, much more than I remember last year or TdM. Been icing, stretching, NAISDs, etc. But went out for a mostly recovery ride this morning. Great weather, and I missed most traffic. Just felt good to stretch things out, and did just one hill repeat.

really had no goals in mind, went on feel. but I wanted one hill repeat to see how it felt, and thought I'd do a 2nd if I felt good...but that didn't happen.
really really fantastic weather though

after work I went up to Mesa-Kino for the PM masters swim workout
we were in the main pool (SCY)
Trix coached

warm-up sets:
300 swim
200 kick
100 swim

additional, "warm-up," sets:
16 x 100 @ 2:00, done as:
--free: first 25 fast
--free: 2nd 25 fast
--free: 3rd 25 fast
--free: 4th 25 fast
--free: first 50 fast
--free: middle 50 fast
--free: last 50 fast
--free: all fast
--kick: first 25 fast (fins + board)
--kick: 2nd 25 fast (fins + board)
--kick: 3rd 25 fast (fins + board)
--kick: 4th 25 fast (fins + board)
--IM: fly fast (used fins)
--IM: back fast (did fly drill)
--IM: breast fast (fly drill)
--IM: free fast (fly drill)

main sets:
3 x 50 free fast @ 2:00 (31, 30, 29)
(did a 25 easy after the first 2)

50 easy

2 x 50 non-free fast @ 2:00 (breast 39, 38) (with a 25 easy between)

50 easy

1 x 50 fast kick @ 2:00 (fly kick on back w/fins, 25)

50 easy

3 x 50 free fast @ 2:00 (1 w/fins 28, 2 w/fins 27, 3 w/fins + paddles 26)
(easy 25 after the first 2)

200 w/d

TTL: 3100 yards

I was kind of surprised that Trix was coaching masters. I've seen her coach kids, but never masters before. she's also an official.
she said she swam Paul's workout this morning, and just used the same set for us. she is Swiss and kept the whole set very much extra rest on those 100s, and even the 50s, very little extra (other than a 50).

I made the mistake of telling her I couldn't hear my time after that first 50...and she made a point of yelling it right in my ear when I finished after that

we had a really good group also. there were 2 fast guys. initially I just assumed they were way too fast...but then I realized I wasn't too far behind on those 100s (and one obviously isn't a breaststroker). they certainly made good rabbits to (try to) catch on those fast 50s.
the one guy even did his 2nd non-free 50 as breaststroke, and I gave him a hard time that I beat him. he pulled (with paddles and buoy) and those last 50s w/equipment, and we gave each other a run at it (I think I barely pulled ahead with fins + paddles)

oh, and those times...not bad for me. especially considering I did the Tour on Sunday, lifted yesterday, and rode this morning.

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