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Workout 10/26/13: morning

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by , October 27th, 2013 at 11:36 PM (1467 Views)
Got to sleep oin then headed to the pool armed with jbs's scm main set to try out:

200 swim/300 kick-pull by 50/4 x 25 b/c on :15sr

100 easy
5x100 on 1:40 (I did 125's - held 1:36)
200 easy (225)
4x100 on 1:45 (125's - held 1:31)
300 easy
3x100 on 1:50 (125's - held 1:26)
200 easy (225)
1 x 100 AFAP (did 1:21, then 25 easy)

GregJS left here, I continued with 900 yds IG (150 segments) then out
(Masters/Rec/4050yds/85 min)

Great workout! I used jbs's scm times for our guys and did 125 instead. We're going to try this flipped around next month sometime just to see how it feels.

Went to a funeral for my friend, a gentleman in his 90's that I have mentioned was a great mentor to me. His favorite verse is Isaiah 41:10 - good to keep in mind.

After that I mowed the lawn then tiled for a few hours at the school.

This morning I helped my brother again at registration for the cyclocross race here in town that he helps to organize. Here is a video of clips:

Then off to church in the morning, a 3.8 mile run in afternoon, church at night and now I'm off to bed!

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  1. jbs's Avatar
    Glad you enjoyed it!