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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013 11:00-12:15pm

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Today's swim was with my dentist, soon to be 65 year old Dr. Davis. As we were warming up, I suggested we do a birthday set for him, something at least realistic, 65x50s @ :45. He was up for it, though he used short fins like he usually does on his long mainly repetitive sets (i.e 30x100s, 40x75s, etc).


600 Free

Birthday Main Set:

65 x 50 Free @ :45
I started out holding :35s, and slowly bounced around up to about :39/:40 for a bit in the middle. The last 15 though, I came back down to :35 and under (when we were circle swimming).
We swam side by side, until around #50, when a younger girl (about 25) came up to ask if we could all circle swim. The pool was pretty crowded at this point, and I could tell by looking at her that she'd have no problem keeping our pace on the set. During a quick :05 break between 50, I explained what we were doing, and she had no problem with that. Found out later she was a former swimmer at UCLA and then Univ of Washington...who was over in Wenatchee visiting her family and came in for a swim.
It was a good swim, and the motivation of not getting beat by a 65 year old kept me going. Almost the same motivation we men get at meets when racing against a woman.

150 EZ and out

4000 Yards

Two more weeks till my next meet in Moscow, Idaho. I'm also working straight through for the next two weeks without a day off (maybe). The meet is a Trifecta Challenge meet, trying to get people to swim the 50, 100, and 200 of any stroke, and then be rewarded with some unknown thing after the meet. There's also the butterfly + Brute Squad challenge being offered, and that's what I signed up for. So I'll be swimming:
1650 Free, 400 IM, 100 Fly, 200 Fly, 50 Fly in that order. I'm sure I'll be swimming a couple relays as well. At least I got my wife convinced to come along with the kids to this meet, so I can have a designated driver for the way home.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    My Thanksgiving meet got cancelled. I lack a bit of motivation at the moment, which is silly because the SCM champs over in NOLA in mid-December are a more "important" meet. But I'm bummed that they conflict with the St. Nick's meet in Atlanta because that was a super fun meet. Also, I won't have a chance to swim an 800 free SCM this year. I can split request it but it's not the same.
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    That stinks for the meet cancellation. I was hoping for a SCM meet that would be doable for me this fall, so I'll just have to do the SCY one. Just for kicks I looked up my SCM rankings from my meet last spring, and realized that I didn't compete in the 200 Fly!! WTH??!?! Apparently I was going to do that in the fall, I guess?? At least my freestyles and 400 IM are in there though.