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11/13/13: 6000yd Postal

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by , November 13th, 2013 at 11:23 PM (2266 Views)
I was able to get in an easy 1200 yard swim Monday morning before work, and even saw a bit of the Veterans ay Parade as I was out giving flu shots. I am thankful for all in our lanes that have served our country and sacrificed. I appreciate you.

I had an appointment this morning that I am waiting to hear back on, although the medical staff questioned if I am on any meds to lower my pulse due to a low heart rate. I replied, "Nope, I'm an endurance/marathon swimmer."

After cleaning out the garage (a promise I keep to my wife before the first major snow fall, but usually after the first minor one ) today, I was able to convince my beloved to get splits for the 6000yd Postal swim, which I completed after dinner.

500yd 1000 Cumulative
6:27 12:52
7:03 13:46 26:38
7:04 14:07 40:39 (eleven sec slower than the 3000yd!)
7:00 14:02 54:41
6:50 (One hour ~ 4400yds)
7:00 13:50 1:01:31
6:32 13:36 1:21:57.49

150 loosen = 6150 yds total

I took it out a little slower and ended up fairly close to my time from Sunday. I am pleased with the spliting, and tried to pick up the pace on the last 500. I did mostly free, but mixed in some one-arm fly and back. I noticed a little after the one hour mark that I started to get hungry - need to pack an energy gel next year. My wife was kind enough to make a note of the times I stopped for a drink or inquire about the distance I am blessed to have have her

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Updated November 14th, 2013 at 12:07 AM by rxleakem

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  1. GregJS's Avatar
    Well I'm no doctor, but based on your splits and total time, I declare you healthy! (Honestly, I was getting a bit nervous after you said you were going for an exam last week and then you didn't post for several days.) Nice job!
  2. ekw's Avatar
    My brother had to have surgery a few years back and the anesthesiologist almost refused to put him under based on his low pulse. After he talked to my brother about his sporting activities he decided it was okay.
  3. jbs's Avatar
    Great swim! I'd like to do that one day. Looks like fun!
  4. rxleakem's Avatar
    I've done the One Hour Swim the past two years, and decided this year to do the 3/6k as well. If I could get to a 50m pool more regularly, I'd try the 5/10k as well. You'd do great at it, jbs!