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Sunday 11172013

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by , November 17th, 2013 at 11:06 PM (117 Views)
had a really fantastic feeling spin on my bike this morning:
Hawes-Usery-Hawes 68.12 mi 03:56 17.4mph pace

Good luck to anyone doing the AZ IM today! I figured I'd stay clear of the course (they use the Beeline up to Shea). So I headed up Lindsay, then over toward Las Sendas. Did Hawes, then went over and did Usery (front + back). Debated over doing Usery again, and I really should have, but I did Hawes again. I really felt good nearly the whole ride (a rarity). Yea there was some wind, but nothing too horrible. Great temps, in the 50s/60s.

I know a few people doing IM AZ; one gal who I used to swim with finished the swim leg in 1:02! heck, I'd be happy with that as a swim-only time. but with a wetsuit and drafting (I think they're allowed to draft for the swim?), I guess it helps... her bike leg was around 7 hours, which isn't bad at all either. she thought she'd need to walk a bit of the marathon (IT band issues), but she just wants to finish--her 3rd time! she tried to talk me into it last year, but I said, "absolutely not," and that was that.

later today I went over to the Chandler 24 Hour Fitness for a solo swim:

600 w/u done as 75 free/25 breast

6 x 50 breast kick @ 1:00, w/board

100 easy

4 x 150 kick @ 2:45, fins + board, 25 flutter/25 dolphin

100 easy

12 x 100 @ 1:25, swim w/Agility paddles (held around 1:15s)

100 easy

4 x 50 breast @ 1:00, swim w/Catalyst paddles upside down
1 easy 50 breast
1 50 breast @ 200 pace (around 42)

200 w/d

TTL: 3500 yards

I felt pretty good, and was the only person in the pool most of the time. there were a few people in the hot tub when I got there, and they were still in when I left. that's a bit of hot tubbing

my goal was as usual, minimum ~2200 to get a day's worth of swimming on the books. but then I felt decent so kept adding on more sets.
I like doing 100s with the Agility paddles. I've said before, they help with my form, especially over longer sets like this.
the breast mini-set was good too!

I finally got around to registering for the BU meet and planned most of my travel. I settled on just these events:

12/13: 800m free
12/14: 400m free
12/14: 200m breast
12/14: 50m breast

I booked the latest flight out I could on 12/14, it leaves Logan at 4:30pm. I should get in that 50 breast in time. I'd need to leave the pool around 2pm, just to be safe (a 1:45 or so event start should work). I thought of the 100 free later that day, but doubtful that would be in time.

anyone have any ideas for a decent, reasonably priced suit? I have a Yingfa jammer that is about 3 years old. the last time I wore it (this meet last year I think), it was already feeling a little loose. I could replace with another, unless anyone has other suggestions?
looking to spend not too much more than $50. for as often as I do meets I don't want to spend too much. it isn't quite like bike shorts, where when you're in them for 4-5 hours, you want good shorts

oh, for the first time ever, I decided to take part in the Movember thing this year. I got a couple day's late start, but things are really starting to show now. the mustache looked like a 70s porn star version last week, so I thought I'd add a goatee. it is a major PITA shaving around this stuff, I'll be so thankful come 12/1 when I can shave it all away.
it does feel really strange swimming. when the mustache first was long enough I could feel the hairs moving around, especially for breaststroke.

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    I would need a "mo-decade" to grow a mustache.