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Friday 12202013: soggy swim

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by , December 20th, 2013 at 09:05 PM (40 Views)
it was simply pouring rain when I woke up. I couldn't hear any thunder, so I assumed it would still be safe to swim. I usually enjoy swimming in the rain...from a swimmer's perspective, you're going to get wet anyway, so not a really big deal.

what I don't understand, is after driving in the right lane for 2 seconds and realizing you're going through major water, why wouldn't you move to the left lane? other than to pass, I drove in the left lane the whole way to Kino. since it doesn't rain here often, when it does, water has very odd drainage patterns, which mostly cause the right lanes on roads to become mini-rivers.

usually when it is raining, they have a classroom at Kino open so we can stow our bags and keep them dry. I was putting my stuff in there, grab out my equipment bag, put on my drag suit, when Paul came in and yelled for all of us to get in the water

got in 400 w/u

w/fins: 12 x 50 @ 1:00, done as 50 swim/stroke/kick 4 rounds

main 1:
5 x 100 @ mile pace + 20
8 x 25 @ :40, supposed to be fly @ 100 pace
50 easy

main 2:
4 x 100 @ 1000 pace + 20
6 x 25 @ :40, back @ 100 pace
50 easy

main 3:
3 x 100 @ 500 pace + 20
4 x 25 @ :40, breast @ 100 pace
50 easy

main 4: w/fins
2 x 100 @ 200 pace + 20
2 x 25 @ :40, free @ 100 pace
50 easy

the finale:
100 free for time, w/fins + paddles

200 w/d

TTL: 3400 yards

despite the rain, we actually had a decent group. there are 2 kids groups who also swim in the pool on Friday mornings, and they had a very slim showing.

I still had quite a bit of lingering soreness from the meet, running, lifting, etc.

for my lane, we started the 100s (mile pace) at 1:40 and took off about 2-3 sec on each round.
I've never done a 100 fly in a meet (never done any fly in a meet). sure I can do an occasional 25 if I want to, but I definitely didn't want to today. I was doing free, then Paul gave me a hard time, so I did odds free/evens breast.
I've never done a 100 back in a meet either, although I did a 50 once ages ago (more as filler). Paul gave the whole group a tough time after that, but I actually think mine were rather on track.
My breaststroke had no valid complaints...I've swum it all, 50/100/200 in SCY/SCM/LCM at some point. I held around 18 on those, which is probably realistic for a 100 br.
I've also done all the free at some point, but I felt rather lethargic today. My last 100 SCY free was 1:00.something, but I was closer to 16 today. I was glad that Paul told us to add fins. he said something how at that point in the workout, we'd need fins to give it justice.

I really just wanted to get out, but knew I'd get ribbed if I didn't do that last 100 free. my time was 1:02, which is ok from a push I guess.

kudos to Paul for keeping all of us going, while he was getting drenched on deck. he was wearing a parka and it looked like some sort of water resistant pants--but no umbrella.

after workout, I had another deep-tissue massage. I had pulled a muscle on Tuesday at the end of workout (my right leg, just to the upper left of my knee), and she really dug around. but she also worked my shoulders/neck, as usual. I'm very sore, need to get out the icepacks. I think I'll be even more sore tomorrow.

one nice thing about the rain is that it really cleaned the air. I caught a brief glimpse of Four Peaks draped in snow...but by the time I got to my office (where I have an awesome view), some clouds were already blocking my view.

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