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After a long rest

COR Classic Day 1

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Friday proved to be a very long day starting with my swim before heading to the airport and ending with a couple of hour flight delay courtesy of American Airlines. I had a decent nights sleep but was sleepy when I woke up and was not feeling great, but surprisingly did not feel totally bad either. My daughter was swimming the meet also so it was great getting ready with her and also sitting with her pool side(although I kept my distance so she could still hang out with her friends without feeling awkward).

This was the rescheduled version of this meet that got moved due to the ice storms that hit Dallas over Thanksgiving. Due to the shorter schedule(1.5 days instead of 3) I did not do any of the back events.

200 free - 1.51.x I was very disappointed with this and just had no speed at all. I was aiming to break 1.50, so was disappointed. I was out in 54 high which is too slow to go under my target. I just had no speed and suspect I set my expectations too high for this meet.

50 free - 23.08 five of us tied on this time across heats with myself and another in my heat. I did not feel bad on this one but again did not have any speed, and just felt very sluggish.

Today I have a long program swimming the 500, 100 and 1650. Today is a new day and I will swim a good meet today!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    Best of luck today!
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Good luck today!
  3. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks guys. Still no speed but a better day today for sure.