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Happy New Year!

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by , January 1st, 2014 at 03:50 PM (1360 Views)
Well - here we go - another New Year. The few resolutions I have this year are in regards to mostly swimming. Last year I set a GTD goal for 415 miles - I finished at 449.95. This year I'm shooting for 500. Will see how it goes.

Another goal is to try to keep up with this blog a little better. I'm shooting for 3 posts a week - and am hoping I can have some interaction with other swimmers around the country in the process.

I'm hoping I can swim at least 3 Open Water (5k distance or greater) events this year.

No team practice this morning but I swam on my own anyway -here is the workout:

1000 warm up (hypoxic - 5x4 per 100 for500 then 4x3per 100 for 500)

8x100 - kick/stroke/kick/strokex25 - 1:40int

500 fast

8x100 - pullbuoy and paddles - 1:40int

500 fast

8x50 - 50sint

500 descend x 100

500 warm down

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