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Of Swimming Bondage

Training / Teaching Weekends

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by , January 10th, 2014 at 01:29 PM (93 Views)
All right, I've been bad about swimming this week. As noted earlier, I missed both Tuesday and Wednesday and then only managed 2,000 SCY at Cactus yesterday. However, I will begin to make up for that today and have a couple of weekends planned where I'm going to totally geek out on swimming training and education before I re-engage in a committed training plan for Santa Clara. Despite my slow start to 2014, I am incredibly excited about how I think this winter and spring will unfold.

Swim Geek Out Weekend #1 - This Weekend (Jan 10th to 12th)
Ask and ye shall receive.

At one of my last lessons last fall with Anne Wilson, TI trained coach for Camelback Coaching (, I had told her that, at some point in the future, I wanted to get some training on coaching, both to assist me with my own swimming, but also with an idea that I might start to do some technique coaching later in life. Realistically, I was thinking something like 5-10 years down the road, but an opportunity came up this weekend that is too good to pass up. Terry Laughlin, founder of TI, is going to be in the area doing some work with USA Triathlon and has offered to do an intensive, 3 day program for a very small group of swimmers and wanna-be coaches. We're going to have about 10+ hours in the pool (targeting two 105 minute sessions each day) and another chunk talking over working lunches. I think I've organized my work and family life to start that this afternoon and am really looking forward to it.

Swim Geek Out Weekend #2 - Next Weekend (Jan 16th to 20th)
This weekend's going to be educational in a very different way - I get to be one of the chaperones for my about a dozen or so swimmers from my daughters' team to the Austin Grand Prix. Yes, I'm going to be ferrying kids to and from the meet and, no, I'm not sure what kind of working out I'll get to do in Austin, but it will be a blast to go watch this meet. I am hoping, though, that I can get in at least one workout while I'm there. The psych sheets aren't out, but the expected line up looks great ( Plus, how bad can a weekend in Austin be?

Looking ahead - The Plan
Try as I might (I'm on a competition committee for Arizona Masters), we're still not locked down on a spring SCY meet schedule. I am, unfortunately, going to miss the Tucson Polar Bear meet this year as it got moved up a week and will happen when I am in Austin, instead of the last weekend in January when it normally happens. I suspect we'll have a meet in February or early March as Sun Devil Masters usually hosts one and we'll have our state meet in early April. I have, however, worked out a plan so that I can attend the 'Inaugural Matt Biondi Classic' ( on March 23rd and will use that as a mid-season 'check-in' meet. With my full-time training starting in earnest on January 20th, that gives me 9 weeks until Matt Biondi meet and then another 5.5 weeks from that meet until Nationals. That's plenty of time to get ready to race fast. If my training goes as planned, I think I'll do a very quick drop-taper for Biondi, shave down and see what I learn from racing there.

Speaking of swim geeking out, I'm really enjoying Becca Mann's blog posts on SwimSwam about her experiences with USRPT (see, and

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  1. jpetyk's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing the blog links. I found them very interesting.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I am very jealous about geek weeks, especially week 1. Sounds like an awesome opportunity. Enjoy.