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Caps (and Goggles) off to Coach!

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by , January 11th, 2014 at 12:52 PM (1371 Views)
If you are a Masters swimmer, you know there are a lot of swim meets during the winter months that you can choose (or not) to participate in. In our area, we have a series of meets that start in November and go through March. There is one meet per month. Our Coach, Sue, usually trains our group in such a way that those who wish to compete in the meets are prepared to do so. There is an extra boost to this training that starts in January. That means interval speed training, starts of the blocks, IM sets (or stroke sets-doing something other than Freestyle), and general technique work. Meanwhile, back at the U.S. Masters - national level, there is a competition called the 1 Hour Postal Swim that runs from 1-31 January. Yes, that's right. You guessed it. We are training for meets, but we (many of us, anyway) are going to participate in the Hour Postal, as well. We don't often get much in the area of long swims to prepare for the Postal because we are stroking it out and doing shorter distances to prep for meets. This year, thanks to Sue (and the wonderful management at our pool), we are being given the opportunity to train for the Postal. We are getting an extra hour of practice one day a week for the next couple of weeks to do some long swims. Yay! I am so excited! Wish us luck! And, here's hoping the weather doesn't ruin our long swim training time!

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  1. AngieK's Avatar
    Thanks! Good luck to you too! And, thanks for the long swim set idea!
    Quote Originally Posted by mcnair
    That's great! The 1-hour swim is a lot of fun; a couple of us are thinking about doing it toward the end of the month too. Good luck with the training