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First postal event

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by , January 19th, 2014 at 08:40 AM (1420 Views)
Did a one hour postal Saturday. I'd like to think I can hold a 1:15 pace for that long but I had some doubts going into this. Turns out that I can. I finished with 4785 yards. I could probably go a lot further with a shave, better suit and some rest. My lane wasn't the best either. I got the transition lane between the deep end and shallow end with a jet blowing warm water against me at the far end. Neither really bothered me but I'm sure the jet didn't help any. I took the first 1000 out fairly conservatively and then picked up the pace after 2000. What helped is that the swimmer next to me (who lapped me at 600 yards) was starting to fade. For the next 2000 yards, I could focus on unlapping myself and eventually passing him. That got me to 4000 where I picked up the pace again and gave it everything I had left to the finish. While it might have felt like I was picking up the pace, I was in fact merely holding steady. I pretty much even split just over a 1:15 pace throughout the race. Here's the splits for each 500:

500 - 6:15 (+0 vs 1:15 pace)
1000 - 12:32 (+2)
1500 - 18:50 (+5)
2000 - 25:08 (+8)
2500 - 31:24 (+9)
3000 - 37:40 (+10)
3500 - 43:57 (+12)
4000 - 50:15 (+15)
4500 - 56:31 (+16)
4785 - Finish

Thanks to Jeff and the Huntsville Nat team for putting this on and getting timers. Look forward to seeing how far I can go next year.

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    That's exactly 3mph average swim speed
  2. knelson's Avatar
    Nice swim, Pete!

    Quote Originally Posted by __steve__
    That's exactly 3mph average swim speed
    How do you figure that? Three miles is 5280 yards.
  3. pmccoy's Avatar
    Thanks all... I do wish it were 3 mph but I'm afraid that's still outside my capabilities. It's more like 2.7 which is a lot faster that I could do last year.