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Jan. 25-27

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by , January 27th, 2014 at 04:53 PM (1587 Views)

Saturday Drylands @ LA Fitness:

RC/scap, 5 min
core ex, 50 min
HS hi row, 130 x 1 x 8,135 x 3 x 6
extreme angle step ups w/bar, 30 x 3 x 10
supine bench press w/25 lb DBs, 50 x 3 x 6
overhead squats, 45 x 1 x 8, 50 x 2 x 8
squat jumps w/bar, 45 x 1 x 8
altitude drops, 8
dead lift, 65 x 1 x 8, 70 x 2 x 8 -- I haven't done these since I tore my elbow lifting too much weight. I am hoping I can get the benefit of doing them without max weight
good mornings, 761 x 1 x 8, 70 x 2 x 8
cable twists w/yoga ball, 20 x 2 x 15 each side

stretching/yoga, 20 min


We got a ton of snow over the weekend and the roads were horrible on Sunday. Not even sure if the pool was open. I hopped on our new treadmill and did 5 miles, alternating walking and running every .5 mile. Then did 20 minutes of stretching and yoga.

Monday: Swim/SCY/Solo @ Pitt

Warm up:

600 various
100 scull
2 x (4 x 25 with 20 UW @ :30 + 50 EZ @ 1:30)
50 EZ

Main Sets:

4 x 50 torque drill w/paddles
50 EZ

4 x 25 burst SDK + cruise @ 1:00
50 EZ

at mid pool, 4 x 25 @ 1:00+
:10 AFAP kick while sculling so you can't go anywhere, then blast off and sprint into wall maintaining same kick
100 EZ

3 x through w/fins:
1 x 100 AFAP, broken (R1 @ :10 rest, R2 @ :15 rest, R3 @ :30 interval)
200 EZ
1 x 100 AFAP kick
200 EZ

R1: fly = 44, flutter kick w/board = 58
R2: IM = 47 (not positive, clocks weren't synched), dolphin kick w/board = 58
R3: breast = 52, dolphin kick w/board = 1:00
-- my legs were just burning on the last 100

Total: 3400


Pretty beat after today's workout. Lots of lactic acid on the AFAP 100 kicks. Worse pain than the hour swim.

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  1. jim thornton's Avatar
    Leslie, dearest, please do not take this the wrong way. But do you think you could do an hour swim, going as slow as you possibly wanted, with the only stipulations being:

    * no fins, snorkels, kick boards, pull buoys, or other gizmos--just you, a suit, and goggles
    * you can't stop, though as stated above, you can go slow, just so long as there is some progress at all times
    * you must do flips turns throughout
    * it all has to be freestyle

    Now, I am anticipating that you will say, "No! I might be able to do this physically, but I am unable to tolerate the mental and emotional aspects!"

    Let me stipulate that this is COMPLETELY OKAY.

    But I do have a question for you. Could you do a non-stop HALF HOUR swim according to the parameters outlined above?

    If not a HALF HOUR, how about a QUARTER HOUR?

    And if not this, how long exactly do you think you could make it, non-stop, toyless, flip-turning, and bored-out-of-its-gourd brain teetering just this side of sanity?

    I've seen you complete a 200 (50 fast for a split request; the remaining 150 at a speed that worried me you might be DQ'd for delay of meet). Is this the outer limit?

    Again, whatever your answer, please know that, with utter sincerity, I reiterate: IT'S COMPLETELY OKAY!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Why would I want to do swims that are longer than a 100 when I don't race anything longer than that? Why would I want to bore myself to death? Why would I want to swim continuously slow? Why would I want to be a self loathing sprinter? No! I embrace my sprinter self.

    P.S. I have actually made TT in the 200 back on a couple occasions (even long course!). But I have given up that event now. It's just not fun. And neither are long boring swims. Yesterday's workout was much much much harder than a boring long swim. I am dead today.
  3. Jazz Hands's Avatar
    Also you should walk from Pittsburgh to Fairfax for Zones.
  4. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Jazz Hands
    Also you should walk from Pittsburgh to Fairfax for Zones.

    Long boring walks are not good for sprinting either. Found that out the hard way when I walked all over NYC the weekend before NE Champs.