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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Monday, February 3, 2014 5:30-6:30am

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WAYYYYYYY TOOOOO EARLY this morning. My body (or at least my eyes) were open at 5:15, so I decided to get going to the pool. It was very uncrowded at this hour, which is rare from what the regulars tell me. Normally it has 3 to a lane for the 1st hour which is typically why I avoid the 1st hour of lap swim at the Y. This morning though it was all singles in the lanes, with only 2 having to double up. After a bit everyone doubled, but that was it before people started getting out.

I just went for long slow and fairly easy this morning. My shoulder wasn't liking me, and I definitely wasn't really awake either. I could tell afterward as I was nearly falling asleep in the warm water of the shower.

500 Free warmup

500 Flutter Kick w/ board

500 Free again

500 SDK w/ short fins on back

500 Free Pull

12 x 50 Free swim w/ short fins on (to put less stress on my shoulder) @ 1:05, swimming about 1:00s per 75

100 EZ

3500 Yards

Today just felt like being a lap swimmer at the pool...just took it easy with long slow stuff.

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