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Good morning north wind!

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After a few days of very warm temperatures, todays windy, 37-degree predawn air reminded me how much I love my swim parka. I smiled at the steam coming off the pool as I drove up this morning for the PCST masters practice. The coach looked chilly on deck, so I let her keep my parka warm as I jumped into the pool for the following:

600 lcm warmup (300s, 300k)

2x thru:
4 x 100 FR fast @ 2:30
4 x 50 non-FR fast @ 1:30
[I went 1:24/25 on most of theseI was consistent if not fastand a 44 on my best 50 back. It was nice having a workoutmate in the next lane to swim withI postponed 2 of my first set of 50s til the end of the set so that we could swim together on the second round, and we both ended up going a little faster.]

That was it for the team workout. I stuck around in the now-otherwise-empty pool and did the following on my own:

400 pull with paddles
3 x magic 700 [free w/back, IM w/free, fr w/ kick]
400 pull with paddles
200 IM kick
100 warmdown + play

It was quite windyI had trouble keeping my pool toys at the end of the laneand with the wind and pool directions almost perfectly aligned, I enjoyed seeing how different strokes felt going with the wind vs going against it. When kicking freestyle with a board, the spray from my feet was blown against my head and neckkind of a neat sensation. By the time I left a few other swimmers had come, which was a good thingI had felt guilty watching the guards look cold, and knowing that they could have hung out inside if I hadnt been there. They used to have little guard houses poolside that they used on cold days (just clear vinyl hung around guard chairs), but theyre not there this year.

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