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Okey dokey, artichokies

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I enjoyed a really fun practice with the PCST masters on Saturday. We had 11 swimmersapparently a near-record for a masters workout at this pool! It was a warm sunny morning, and there was a nice sense of camaraderie as we did the following workout:

350 scy warmup [There was something longer, but I cut this short so I could start the set with two swim buddies in the next lane.]

200 pull w/ paddles @ 3:00
2 x 100 kick @ 2:00 [officially with fins, but I didnt have any]
4 x 50 with all equipment @ :55

6 x 75 (k/s/s) @ 1:20 [fl/bk/br/br/bk/fl]

6 x 50 d/s @ 1:00

Then, since several swimmers are headed to Auburn next weekend, we all headed to the far end of the pool for some start/turn workout. And afterwardsa 6 x 50 free relay race! It was a fun morning.

(And today's blog title? That was the coach's way of checking that we had understood one of the above sets. I like this team!)

Unfortunately, I tweaked my lower back on one of my starts. The acute pain lasted just a few minutes, but Ive been having dull achiness ever since, and am still moving around gingerly.

This afternoon instead of heading back to the pool I opted for a swim in the gulf. It was a nice sunny day, with air temps in the low 60s, and water temp about the same (its warmed up quickly in the recent warm weather). I was in for about an hour, swimming back and forth along the stretch of beach where the depth is sufficient to swim on the near side of the sandbar. There was a bit of surf, enough to make the water bumpy, which at first felt uncomfortable with my back, but either it loosened up or I got blissy enough as the swim went along that I forgot about it.

There was some current today and some wind, enough to make it noticeably more difficult going east, then easy and fast going west. Every now and again I would turn over and do a few strokes of backstroke, just to admire the sky and catch a glimpse of the happy snowbirds strolling along on the beach. (Afterwards a couple told me the sight of me swimming had prompted them to get outside for a beach walk!) When I finally decided I had had enough, I got out and warmed in the sun for awhile on my beach, then headed up to the hot tub for a nice relaxing soak. Im definitely enjoying the cushy OW swimming life here!

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  1. pwb's Avatar
    I hope your backy-whacky becomes okey-dokey.
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by pwb
    I hope your backy-whacky becomes okey-dokey.
    Thanks! Things are definitely looking better than they did over the weekend!