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Sunny morning workout

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I enjoyed a good team workout + bonus solo sets at the Panama City Beach pool this morning. Heres how it went:

500 lcm warmup (300 swim, 200 IM kick)

10 x 50 FR pull w/paddles @ 1:00, counting strokes and decreasing by 1 on each 50 [I went from 41 to 34 on the first 8, descending my times as well from 46 to 42, then couldnt get my stroke count any lowerit stayed the same or increased on the last 2, plus my times got slower. 34 was my sweet spot.]
5 x 100 FR @ 2:00, desc. [1:32, 1:31, 1:28, 1:26, 1:27]

100 easy

10 x 50 BK @ 1:00, counting strokes and decreasing stroke count by 1 on each 50 [results were similar to FRdid my lowest stroke count and fastest time on #8 (39/:47)]
5 x 100 BK @ 2:10, desc. [1:51>1:37]

100 easy

That was it for the team workout, but I liked this set enough that I decided to do another round. Since 1000 of either BR or FL seemed daunting, I combined them for the following:

6 x 50 BR @ 1:15, decreasing stroke count each 50 [22>18]
4 x 50 FL @ 1:15, holding stroke count at 16 but descending
5 x 100 IM @ 2:10, desc. [1:51, 48, 45, 42, 39After descending by 3 seconds on each of the first 4, I was really hoping to see that 39 on the last one to make this descend pretty, and was glad to get it. I love the pools new digital pace clocks!]

100 easy

6 x 200 FR @ 3:30, odds = pull with paddles concentrating on DPS, evens = no toys focusing on increased turnover

2 x 200 K @ 5:00, odd IM, even RIM

200 warmdown + play

That was it! I was feeling pretty tired and tight in my upper back and neck after this, as well as chafed on my collarbones by my swim suit straps (polyester suits occasionally do that to me, even in pools). A midday yoga class fixed the first problem and distracted me from the second.

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