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After a long rest

Week 75 - Saturday

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I had one of those workouts today you want to bottle up and keep for when you need it. I felt great from the warmup to the warm down.

Warm up
800 swum continuously as 50 free , 50 back x 8

Main set
16x100 odds swum as fast free on 1.20, evens swum as fast kick on 2mins
4x(300 free on 3.20 with paddles, 2x50 active recovery on 40)
12x25 open close easy fast on 30

Warm down
200 easy double arm back

Total 4600scy

I used round 1 of the 16x100s as a transition and got my heart rate up and went 59 and 1.26, then I started working the set and descended across the rounds going, 57,1.25, 57,1.24, 56,1.24, 56,1.24, 55,1.22, 55,1.22, 54,1.22. I was really happy how I felt and even happier with how I descended the set. The 300s I held 3.05s and used the 50s and active recovery holding 35s. I even had energy left on the 25s and really worked the fast 25s with a turn.

My daughter then had a meet and swum awesome. She swum the 200 back for the first time today and got a BB time in the 11-12 age group despite being in the 10 & under group(for another 7 months). Her splits were 1.20, 1.22. I don't know where she gets it from but the further she swims the stronger she gets It was a lot of fun being Dad today and watching her swim. She also dropped 3 seconds on her 50 fly and another 2 seconds on her 50 breast. She also did a best time on her 50 back leading off the medley relay. Her only bad swim was her 100 free which was two events after her 200 back and even that was only marginally slower than her best time. The coolest part of all this was seeing her congratulate her team mate who beat her in the 100 free and even gave her a congratulatory hug.

Another great weekend in the Carroll house.

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  1. cclarke's Avatar
    Stewart - Great workout and times. Impressive 100's descending! I will try this wo.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cclarke
    Stewart - Great workout and times. Impressive 100's descending! I will try this wo.
    Thanks for the kind words Chris. I was very pleased with this workout.