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Friday/Saturday - CDA Spring Splash Meet Recap (SCM)

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This was a long, long, very tiresome "weekend" for me. Mainly due to the fact that I haven't been training as well as I'd hoped I would've been at this point. But on the other hand I had quite a few good things happen too. First of all, my shoulder had very little to no pain over the weekend. The only hurtful swim was the 100 Free of all the events I did. Probably because I tried going too "all out" on it, and my body wasn't quite ready for that. Ibuprofin before the meet on both days did the trick though.

Friday night:

Warmups began at 7:00PM - <<<< Yep, that's right. 7:00 warmup, 7:45 meet start. They had 2 heats of 400 IM, 4 heats of 1500 Free, and 2 heats of 200 Fly. A true Brute Squad set of events on schedule, and I did them all.

400 IM - 5:14.55
31.21 / 37.14 (1:08.35)
42.19 / 40.33 (1:22.52)
45.89 / 47.18 (1:33.07)
36.62 / 33.99 (1:10.61)
Tiring race as it usually is. I took the fly easy, and was surprised with how quick I was. I swam this right next to Ellen Reynolds, 50 year old from Boise who was going for the WR time in the event...which she ended up tying exactly. I did beat her by 0.10 seconds, which is enough!! My fly gave me a big enough lead to hold off her backstroke, and the breaststroke I pulled away a bit, though I was shortening up greatly near the end. As I started free, I was dead, and it hurt. Ellen reeled me in on the first 25, and I did all I could to stay with her. It came down to the final surge on the last length to not get beat....and I was lucky on this one. It took nearly an hour to recover from this too!!

1500 Free - 19:18.46 (800 split - 9:51.12)
31.76 / 36.04
36.59 / 36.58
36.69 / 37.03
37.14 / 37.36 (4:49.19)
37.66 / 37.46
37.68 / 37.66
38.01 / 38.05
38.03 / 37.38 (9:51.12) At this point I pulled my cap off...cooled down a 25 Back, and just cruised to the end alongside Larry Krauser who I was a 50 ahead of at this point.
53.11 / 40.66
39.86 / 39.39
39.65 / 39.50
39.05 / 39.53
39.24 / 39.53
39.99 / 39.42
39.24 / 39.17
It was a consistent race as far as pace goes. I was slowly slipping upward from the 300 point to the 800 point though. My game plan was just to go through the 800 "hard", and then cool down after that anyway.

10:00pm (and 5 minutes/1 heat of 200 Fly rest before my 200 Fly)
200 Fly - 2:30.95
32.65 / 38.59 (1:11.24)
40.76 / 38.95 (1:19.71)
I almost made this a come from behind win. It's not often that I'm behind in the 200 Fly in my LMSC, and the guy ahead of me was wayyyyyy ahead of me. About 4+ bodylengths (seriously) at the 175. But I could see that he was dying hard. BIG piano hit him a few times. I outsplit him by over 6 seconds in the final 50 to almost outtouch him at the finish (missed by 0.4). I just didn't have the power after just getting out of the 1500 Free to be able to.


Saturday (warmups 11:00am, meet starts 11:45am):

400 Free - 4:42.85
32.04 / 35.09
35.60 / 35.81
36.18 / 36.31
36.41 / 35.41
I had a race for the first 200 with a 22 year old next to me...same one that gave me a race in the 200 Free a couple months ago. Around the 300 I was hurting a bit, but kept on kicking to get through it. Managed to pull something out that is good enough.

100 Free - 1:00.84
29.20 / 31.64
This was actually a little painful on my shoulder. Probably too much raw speed and power needed for this event. 22 year old Matt beat me for the first time today. I knew I couldn't do it.

200 Medley Relay - Bill (68), James (37), Jack (82), Rick (61).
Yep, I was stuck with the breaststroke leg of the relay. By default...2 guys couldn't do it because of their knees, and the other one Jack wouldn't have helped much by doing breaststroke. I split a low 36 though, so that was good. We had fun...just missing the Inland NW record in the event for the 240+ age group...though another relay team from CDA crushed us and the record time too.

100 Fly - 1:04.89
30.24 / 34.65
Not too shabby!! I ended up getting 2nd place overall to the same guy who beat me in the 200 Fly the night before. But I was coming on the final length and almost go him again.
It's kind of weird how close my 100 Fly time is to my 100 Free time, and how fly doesn't seem to hurt my shoulder either. ????

25 Fly (unsanctioned) - 13.31 - pure fun!

25 Free (unsanctioned) - 34.45 - "dove" in, kinda, and did V-sit scull drill to the other end. I heard lots of cheers and comments from the crowd.

200 Back - 2:36.75
36.37 / 40.13
40.62 / 39.63
This was another race I was in with Ellen Reynolds. I can say that I did beat her off the start and to the 15 meter mark (she has horrible starts and underwaters). Once I started swimming though, she was gone!! Another WR for her...going 2:22!!!!

200 IM - 2:35.76
31.44 / 41.65
46.61 / 36.06
The arch of my foot cramped on the 2nd length of the fly, and it was all downhill from that point. Cardio wise...I was dead tired at this point of the meet as well.

400 Free Relay - Leadoff spot (immediately after the 200 IM)
30.77 / 34.08
Only thing more painful than a 200 Free was THIS 100 Free.


Overall a fun weekend of swimming. I'm sure some of these times will be good enough for Top Tens...hopefully. Oh well, I did the best I could.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Holy smokes that's a lot of swimming in a short space of time. No wonder you are tired. Great job James.
  2. tjrpatt's Avatar
    Geesh, those are good times considering. You are probably swimming enough to keep up these times. Not to mention all the other activities, you do outside the pool.
  3. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StewartACarroll
    Holy smokes that's a lot of swimming in a short space of time. No wonder you are tired. Great job James.
    Thanks Stewart. Any normal person would sure be tired from this one. If I was in shape like I wanted to be for the meet, it would've been another walk in the park... kinda
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tjrpatt
    Geesh, those are good times considering. You are probably swimming enough to keep up these times. Not to mention all the other activities, you do outside the pool.
    Thanks Tom. I told people that my expectations weren't too sky high going into the meet, but when the BEEP goes off at the start of the race, all bets are off!! I'm a racer, no matter what condition I'm in, and does hurt!! I told Ellen Reynolds beforehand that I would be the best rabbit I could for her in the 400 IM, but had no idea how well I'd do. WR or not for her...I still had to try to beat her!!!
  5. That Guy's Avatar
    Good swims!
  6. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by That Guy
    Good swims!
    Thanks!! :-)