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Misty Meet Day #2

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by , April 5th, 2014 at 06:15 PM (116 Views)
First off, if anyone's looking to track other swimmers at this meet, the results are up on Meet Mobile (search under "Misty").

You couldn't have asked for more perfect conditions for a meet today - brilliant sun but a nice breeze, temperatures that were Goldilocks right and I think they left the tarps off the pool last night so the water temperature was closer to racing ideal (e.g., last night it was 81 and got toasty in the 1650). I didn't know what to expect in terms of results today given that I had done the 1,650 last night, but, once I got over myself after the 400 IM and forgot about the 100 freestyle, it was a fine, fun day of racing (even if most of the times weren't all that hot).

First off, here are my 500 splits from the 1,650 last night - 5:12.55, 5:22.14, 5:25.01. For me, that's not too bad in terms of falling apart. As that first 500 felt pretty cruiseful, I'm fairly excited to see if I can get under 5:00 tomorrow on the 500. Note that, aside from one in-season bodysuit swim under 5:00, my in-season 500s have ranged from 5:00.2 to 5:02.49. I'll honestly be happy with anything under 5:05.

Here's the tale of the day ...

400 IM
  • My goal was to see if I could go under the 4:27.1 I went two weeks ago at the Biondi meet.
  • This actually felt like a much, much better swim than (a) I thought it would after the 1650 the night before and (b) the swim at the Biondi meet. With that positive feeling throughout the race, then, I was disappointed to see 4:27.86 as the final time. It felt more like a 4:23 to 4:25 swim.
  • Knowing that I wouldn't have anyone to race (next two guys in the heat were 4:39s), I figure I would try to take the fly out a little bit harder and then continue with my typical plan of trying to negative split each 100 thereafter. I did all of that, but the back half of my race was just much slower than at the Biondi meet. At that meet, though, I had a young guy who gained on me in the breaststroke and then pushed me hard all the way through the freestyle.
  • My splits today vs. Biondi meet
    • Fly - 59.30 (27.94 - 31.36) vs. 1:00.5
    • Back - 1:07.38 (34.04 - 33.34) vs. 1:07.9 (e.g., I was 1.7 seconds ahead at this stage)
    • Breast - 1:19.27 (39.68 - 39.59) vs. 1:18.0 (whoops, lost 1.2 seconds to my earlier self)
    • Free - 1:01.91 (31.86 - 30.05) vs 1:00.8

  • I was fairly pissed off right after the race as it just felt so much better. Even though my times were slower on the breast and free, both legs felt strong. As I cooled down a 500 after that, though, I got comfortable that (a) I "lost" a week of training due to my vacation with my daughter and (b) the 1650 had to have taken something out of me.
  • Looking ahead to Nationals, I am very excited for the competition that's showing up. In addition to Roque Santos being back, there's a former Moldovan Olympian (7th in the 400 IM at Barcelona in 1992 and 8th at Atlanta) who just dropped a 4:16 at the Pacific Masters meet recently. While I'm a little bummed that I won't get a heat swimming right next to them (it's being seeded on time), the top 10 entries should make for a great heat with many people to race (excepting, of course, the guy who's seeded first overall at 3:58!).

100 free
  • This came awfully close after the 400 IM - 6 or 7 heats of the women's 100 and then I was in the 6th heat of men. I considered skipping it, but figured I'd get my money's worth since I was already skipping the 1000 later in the meet. I probably should have skipped it, though, as a 54.26 now makes this my slowest recorded 100 free in a Masters meet, save the few occasions where I swim another stroke in a 100 free event.

100 breast
  • Despite my slow split in the IM, my breaststroke has been feeling good lately. I had even less rest, though, than after the 100 free as there were just a few heats of 25 backs and not too many heats of women's and men's 100 breast before me. Aside from a tech-suited 1:04.96, I've only swum this twice before and always in-season. My 1:08.11, then, was pretty close to my jammers best of 1:07.41.
  • Everything about this race felt good except that I was going too deep off the walls on each turn. I'll have to work on that.

Right after the 100 breast, we went into the 200 free relays and I did both a men's relay (23.85 flying start split) and then mixed relay (24.56 flying start split).

50 fly
  • The 50 fly came immediately after the relays, so I was pretty beat by this point. It had been maybe 90-100 minutes since I dove in for the 400 IM.
  • In contrast to the breaststroke, everything about this felt bad and my 26.82 time reflected that. Not only is this the only time I've ever gone above 26 seconds in a meet, I was way above. I'll chalk that one up to sheer exhaustion.

Fortunately, at this point, I got a great break of maybe 40 minutes before the ultimate race of the day, the 50 monofin. Unlike at ASU earlier this year, they let us dive off the block. This meet is co-branded as our AZ State Championships and the 1st Misty Hyman Classic, so this was her addition to the event. After watching a demonstration by Darian Townsend going 16.82 with a fin the size of a whale's tail, they ran a heat of women's 50. They were going to run what they thought would be a second heat of women, but only 3 or 4 swimmers jumped up, Misty being one of them. They invited us guys up and I got to race right next to her. I am pretty sure she either didn't hit the pad or something because I thought she beat me, but the board show my time as 20.80 and first. CORRECTION: Since my daughter follows Misty on Twitter, I now realize that I read the board wrong: she was 20.80 and I was 21.1 (at least that's what I think now). This was a blast and a great way to end the session.

On a separate "how cool is Misty Hyman" note, she was an absolute dream with my youngest daughter and her friend last night. My daughter's a butterflier and we had told her all about Misty's exploits in Sydney; my daughter was excited, but nervous about meeting her. Misty was just fabulous with both of the kids, signing autographs and letting each of them hold and wear her Sydney gold medal. My daughter's friend is not even a swimmer (this was the first meet he'd ever been to) and he was stoked to have met and talked with a real, live Olympic gold medalist. Kudos to you, Misty, for making two kids' evenings!

Tomorrow should be a bit more sane - 100 IM, 25 fly, 100 fly and 500 free - with a lot more time to chill between events. I think I'll also get to do a leadoff 50 backstroke on one of our medley relays.

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  1. The Fortress's Avatar
    Sounds like a great day, Patrick. And I am jealous of your 50 monofin.

    No doubt the 1650 took the edge off your 400 IM. That's a lot of racing for one day! Good luck tomorrow.
  2. cclarke's Avatar
    Pat I am reading your results from the patio of the rental house on the beach here in Ft Myers contemplating a dip in the big pond that is 100 feet away. It's a little windy and lots of jet ski traffic so I will most likely hit the pool this afternoon at FMAC.

    Nice mile swim swim and looks like you are getting a lot of racing yards in! Good luck today and looking to see how your 500 turns out!
  3. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Great meet Patick. That's a lot of fast swimming in a short space of time! Great preparation for Nationals. Good luck today.

    Me see you in wednesday/thursday.
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job Patrick!!!

    (in other news...wanna race 50s in the 200 Free Relay??)
  5. pwb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by cclarke
    Pat I am reading your results from the patio of the rental house on the beach here in Ft Myers contemplating a dip in the big pond that is 100 feet away. It's a little windy and lots of jet ski traffic so I will most likely hit the pool this afternoon at FMAC.
    Enjoy the vacation - Patrick!
  6. pwb's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by StewartACarroll
    That's a lot of fast swimming in a short space of time! Great preparation for Nationals.
    Yes, it was an awesome test of my readiness for Nationals and really focused me in on what I need to do to get ready to swim much, much faster in 4 weeks!

    Quote Originally Posted by StewartACarroll
    Me see you in wednesday/thursday.
    Looking forward to it. After all, I got used to getting my butt kicked this weekend, so why not extend the joy !