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Assorted April training musings

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Daily blogging is too much for me. I'm going to try monthly. Maybe that will work... maybe not. At least there will be more things to blog about.

Set of the Month: Russel's dream set. Russel used to swim with us some mornings when he was in high school. He coaches now and we hear from him from time to time. Occasionally, sets come to him in dreams. Last time Roger spoke to him, he revealed the third of his "dream sets".

4 x 125 - 2:10, 50 Kick/75 IM
4 x 125 - 2:05, 50 Free/75 Kick
The 50s slide through the 75s. So, the first 4 look like this:
#1: 50 Kick/75 IM
#2: 25 Fly/50 Kick/25 Bk/25 Br
#3: 25 Fly/25 Bk/50 Kick/25 Br
#4: 75 IM/50 Kick

Team stuff: We are up to 5 Davids now (2 are very new). I checked this out on the Internet (so it is true!). 2.363% of all males are named David. So statistically, we should have about 211 men on our team. We actually have 8.

April focus: I'm currently rebuilding both my breaststroke and freestyle. The breaststroke project is a frustration from hard effort and minimal results over the last few years. My kick is great but my pull is inefficient. So, I'm working harder to reduce my strokes per length. Things have gone well in this regard. In warm-up, cool down and easy swims, I limit myself to 4 strokes per length when I swim breaststroke. When I really focus on being efficient, I can make 3 and sometimes get close to 2. In 200 IMs and hard 100s, I've gone from 8 strokes per length down to about 6. When I'm tired, I go back to 7 sometimes. Am I faster? Hard to tell but I don't think I'm slower.

Freestyle is a bit different. I've made significant speed gains over the last few years in freestyle. I dropped another 13 seconds off my 1650 earlier this year. Why change now? Well, I think there are limits on my current stroke. I have no glide, my kick feels out of synch and I'm primarily shoulder driven. To attempt to change things, I'm swimming all "easy free" and warm up free as catch-up stroke. 25 no breathers are all catch-up as well. All other sets, I'm just swimming like I normally would. This has been frustrating since it just doesn't feel right and it is significantly slower. But after a couple weeks, my catch-up stroke got better. It still isn't very fast but it isn't awkward anymore. Occasionally, I can get into a 3/4 catch-up rhythm when I swim regular sets so maybe this is working.

Timed swim of the month: 400 IM Kick - 6:15. My kick has improved a lot over the last year. Still, 200s with effort come in at 3:15-3:20. Given that, a 6:15 was pleasantly unexpected.

Painful set of the month (swim at your own risk):
1 x 125 - 2:00 (1st 25 back)
1 x 50 Easy Fly - 1:00
1 x 125 - 1:50 (1st 25 back)
1 x 100 Easy Fly - 2:00
1 x 125 - 1:45 (1st 25 back)
1 x 200 Easy Fly - 4:00
1 x 125 - 1:40 (1st 25 back)
1 x 250 Easy Fly - 5:00
1 x 125 - 1:35 (1st 25 back)
1 x 350 Easy Fly - 7:00
1 x 125 - 1:30
1 x 450 Easy Fly - 9:00
50 Easy

I targeted a 1:30 pace for the fly. Decided to make the 450 a 500 on the second round because it makes no sense to get that close to a 500 fly and not just go the extra 50 yards.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    I hope you got through the storms up there okay. It was a deluge down here!
  2. pmccoy's Avatar
    Just a few swirling storms. Everything got cancelled and they let schools out 6 hours before any real tornado threats. It was pretty bad though... several casualties within a few miles of here. Here's an interesting infographic. I live directly in between 2 of the cities with the most EF5 tornadoes in the last 60 years.

    Missed you when you visited Huntsville. Were you able to get to HSA?
  3. ekw's Avatar
    I didn't get a chance to swim while I was up there, unfortunately.