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Maple Syrup with a Side of Chlorine

Workout 05/29/14: afternoon OW

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Finally made it to the lake today for my first OW swim of the year

Lake Paran:
1.12 miles in 36 minutes
61 = water temp
62 = air temp
Full sunshine

Quite a few folks out fishing, but no lake traffic. Paran doesn't allow motor traffic, anyways. The water was refreshing and mostly clear as I started off from the boat launch towards the beach with some backstroke to get used to the temp and keep my breathing under control. I made my way to the eastern part of the lake and found some vegetation and fish in the shallower areas. The wind picked up as I headed back towards the beach, then I watched a guy videotaping a group of people on the beach. I met back up with my wife and then dried off in the sun as some of the folks fishing were asking what I was doing.

The group in the Berkshires have started their lake swims, so I hope to get down that way a few times this summer for the fellowship and meals afterwards. Williams is shut down for the summer for renovations, which means that nearby LCM is out. I also heard that the outdoor pool in Hoosick Falls is also staying dry, so my opportunity to getting outside will rest in OW adventures.

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