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Becoming a Better SWIMMER (January-February 2014)

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by , January 1st, 2014 at 12:00 AM (1840 Views)
In April 2013, longtime SWIMMER contributor Elaine K. Howley joined the staff as our associate editor. It would take a lot more than this column to fully explain how important her work has been for the magazine, as well as our other publications: the STREAMLINES series and content on

A list of the articles shes written can be found at Her SWIMMER profiles of Marisa Churchill and Andrea Kremer both won first place in the annual Writers Digest writing competition, in the Magazine Feature Article category. A Triple Crown marathon and ice swimmer, Athleta-sponsored athlete and Chi blogger, and multitalented writer and editor, Elaines contributions have allowed us to take our publications to a new level.

We read our mail, we study social media interactions with our members and potential members, and we talk to swimmerslots of swimmersabout content, trying to find common threads that can be spun into new features or columns.

One thing many of you ask for is more training and technique advice. Were thrilled that Jim Thornton, Mens Health feature writer and a frequent contributor to our discussion forums, will be penning a new column in the Training and Technique department called Evidence-Based Swimming, in which he takes a look at current trends and research in swimming science.

Another topic in high demand is nutrition information for swimmers of all abilities. Sports nutritionist Sunny Blende will be taking the reins of the Mastering Nutrition column in The Healthy Swimmer department. Sunny is a Masters swimmer and runner who understands the nutritional needs of our sport.

On the lighter side, weve added a new department in the front of the book titled The Shallow End. Here, Michael Gustafson, Tweeter Extraordinaire (@mikelgustafson), contributes a humor column, The Hot Tub, where hell write about the quirkier aspects of life as a swimmer in the 18-and-over crowd.

Also in "The Shallow End," you'll see a new comic strip, "Coach," by Ed Colley, cartoonist and official caricaturist of our "Volunteer Profile" column; the strip depicts life in the sometimes not-so-fast lane of coaching Masters swimmers. And, since we seem to have developed an infestation of talented Haiku writers within the readership, well feature a swimming Haiku in 575, which is not only the pattern of syllables in traditional Haiku, but is also a freestyle breathing pattern coaches use to torture swimmers of all ages.

The Letters department has been transformed into Perspectives, where well have letter excerpts, social media quotes, and beautiful images from acclaimed swimming photographers, including Peter H. Bick, Mike Lewis, and others. We hope you enjoy the changes and, as always, we welcome your feedback.

All the best to you and your loved ones in 2014.

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