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Classification (September-October 2013)

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by , September 1st, 2013 at 12:00 AM (1358 Views)
What is it with our propensity to classify everything? The desire to separate, organize, and name singles and groups of anything seems to be hardwired. Im pretty sure the hunter-gatherers had collections of the things they hunted and gathered stored up in the Paleolithic version of the freezer-bag-and-Sharpie or the alphabetized spice rack. In the 1700s Carl Linnaeus, the father of taxonomy (the science of naming stuff), wasnt satisfied with only one label, so every known living thing got two or three names.

Obviously, Linnaeus was onto something. Based on the highly unscientific data collector known as Facebook, the email we get, and the conversations weve had on deck, its not so easy to classify swimmers with only one name; many consider themselves fitness swimmers who compete or competitive swimmers who swim open water, etc. So why do we go back and forth over the labels, fitness swimmer and competitive swimmer?

Its undoubtedly another human trait to resist labels when they are placed upon us, and often with good reason. Since the dawn of time, humans have had a hard time with the concept of moderation when it comes to labelingnot all have used their powers for good. Its fine when labeling meant: This plant will cure your headache; this one will make you bleed out your eyeballs. But when labels are applied to people, it can bring out the worst in Homo sapiens.

Whatever type of swimmer you consider yourself, were all good. We just want to make sure were providing content and services that you find valuable. Weve labeled this issue as the first Fitness Issue of SWIMMER. It is not strictly fitness articlesPan-Ams was a competitive event and Rich Burns, featured in From the Center Lanes would probably not be considered a fitness swimmer by anyone. But its a way for us to hunt and gather content that appeals to those who swim for myriad reasons.

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