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The M Word (May-June 2013)

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What does the word Masters in Masters Swimming mean to you?

, in USMS parlance, merely signifies that you are an adult: age 18 or older.

Over the years, weve heard different reactions: Its only for fast swimmers. Its for swimmers age 50 and above. Its only for swimmers who want to compete. Its only for those who have mastered the sport. Its only for pool swimmers. And my personal favorite, from a young age-grouper at our pool, Its for old Sharks. As perpetually young-at-heart athletes, many of us believe age is relative, but the reactions from new, would-be, and nonmembers runs the gamut.

In the 1960s, when Dr. Ransom Arthur was promoting organized adult swimming for fitness, the word Masters was borrowed from Masters Track and Field and it stuck. Some of the age misconceptions about Masters swimming may stem from thisUSA Masters Track and Field does have lower age limits of 30 and 40, depending on the type of event.

Even Masters Swimming, which started as a committee of the American Swimming Coaches Association, migrated to a committee of the Amateur Athletic Union, and later morphed into the USMS we know today, had an initial lower age limit of 25. This was dropped to 19 in 1986, and then to 18 in 2002.

Age limits aside, the M word has been a topic of discussion at USMS annual meetings. In 2007, a branding task force considered the idea of dropping it in favor of something perhaps more inviting. But with so much equity and tradition invested into U.S. Masters Swimming, it was decided after careful thought that we would maintain our heritage while repositioning our identity and promoting education and services that would encourage more adults to swim.

Masters Swimming is open to anyone age 18 and older, regardless of age and ability. Some Masters programs even have adult learn-to-swim programs for those who have never set foot in the water. Our charitable arm, the Swimming Saves Lives Foundation (, provides grants to clubs who create such opportunities for adults in their communities.

Our Facebook page (, is packed with links to mainstream media stories about Masters swimmers. This is an exciting development, and we urge you to pitch stories to your local media outletstheyre always looking for good content and are usually happy to do a piece on your local program, your coach, or a teammate who has an interesting story. Be sure to send us the link when its published. Sharing these stories helps dispel misconceptions about the M word and helps us to encourage more adults to swim.

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