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Change (January-February 2012)

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by , January 1st, 2012 at 12:00 AM (1115 Views)
We have some exciting changes planned for SWIMMER this year, not the least of which is the newly redesigned magazine you are holding. Annie Sidesinger and the design team at Anthem Communications have done a fantastic job updating the look and feel of the publication. Theyll also be working with us to create a digital edition of SWIMMER in the near future.

But changing only the look would be like working on your high-elbow recovery without paying attention to your catch. So look for changes in Training and Technique and Swim Bag. Additionally, well be introducing a nutrition column in The Healthy Swimmer starting in the MarchApril issue.

How do changes make it to the pages of SWIMMER? Well, Id like to say it is all part of a precise, brilliant master plan, perfectly researched and executed, but that wouldnt be accurate. Many changes are inspired by reader feedback. Sometimes we use the spaghetti method and whatever sticks, stays.

Sometimes the little suckers sneak into the pages and before you know it, theyve multiplied. Two years ago New England Masters swimmer Ed Colley, whom I had never met, sent me a caricature of me. He started rendering the USMS volunteers we profile in Inside USMS. This led to illustrations for feature articles (Early Masters Swimmers, March-April 2011, among others) and for The Healthy Swimmer. Colley (in a self-caricature below) started swimming Masters at the age of 73.

Inspiration for change comes from you. In the November-December issue, we published a word cloud based on your feelings about swimming. We received so many letters asking for reprints, we decided to use it for our annual poster and it is included in this issue.

Im grateful for the gift of all the people who have inspired change in SWIMMER and look forward to another year of striving to be your favorite swimming publication on the planet.

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