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Teammates (May-June 2011)

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Many of you have let me know that you are enjoying the improvements to SWIMMER over the past year and a half. It makes my day to get that kind of feedback. For those of you who have sought me out on deck at a meet or written to me, I hope I have let you know how much your kind words mean to me. Two things I cant properly convey in my responses are the pride and gratitude I have for the team that is making it all possible, so I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize my teammates.

Elaine K. Howley and Jim Harper, both of whom have articles in this issue, have written many of our feature articles. They have a way of viewing a story from an angle that almost anyone can relate to, and then writing it in an engaging style. They bring peoples stories to life in an honest and respectful way that reminds us we are all on one humongous swim team. Elaine is a Triple Crown marathon swimmer in Boston who loves coldwater swims. She works as a freelance writer and editor with experience in the business, financial and engineering worlds. Jim is a swimmer and swim coach in Miami and a freelance writer who also specializes in writing about the environment. Look for a feature from him later this year on environmental changes that are affecting our oceans and, consequently, open water swimming.

Susan Dawson-Cook is our travel expert and will be ferreting out the best places to visit when you travel to our national championship meets. She also often attends the meets as a competitor and contributes the wrap features afterward. Be sure to check out her piece on Summer Nationals in this issue. Susan, who hails from Tucson, is an experienced fitness professional who has recently released a fitness DVD and has written a romantic adventure novel.

Bill Edwards has been involved with SWIMMER for several years as managing editor for our previous publisher, Douglas Murphy Communications. He is now a freelance writer and editor, an English professor and a somewhat reluctant swimmer. He has an extensive journalism background and loves historyhe will be researching and writing the Splashback department for us on a regular basis.

Last year we were lucky enough to find our staff writer, Laura Jones, when she pitched a story. She loves open water swimming, rescues pit bulls and was an attorney until she decided to give up business clothing. She has written for the Washington Post and numerous other publications. A personal trainer as well, she has written extensively about medicine and fitness. She researches and writes The Healthy Swimmer department and several columns in Training and Technique, including our brand new in 2011, The Dryland Difference. She is also working on a novel with a swimmer as the main character.

Meg Smath is a familiar name to many of you who are USMS volunteers. Meg has been proofing and copy-editing SWIMMER for many years, and her contribution is critical to its success. A Masters swimmer in Kentucky, Meg works as an editor for the Kentucky Geological Survey and is The Last Word on where that comma goes.

Packaging up all this great content into a beautiful, readable format is no small feat, and we are thrilled to be working with Anthem Media Group. The lead designer on their team is Annie Sidesinger, whose experience and degree in magazine design will be instrumental in taking SWIMMER to the next level graphically.

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