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Empty house

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by , June 12th, 2014 at 01:23 AM (39 Views)
This has been an odd week at home as my wife's on a business trip, #2 daughter is on a school trip scouting SoCal colleges and universities, and #3 daughter is at her swim camp in Tucson. It's just been #1 daughter and I, but she's often either training or working hard as a lifeguard/swim instructor, leaving me all alone with the dogs. While I am quite accustomed to be on the road by myself, it is a very strange experience to be the only one in the house for an extended period. Fortunately, my oldest daughter and I got out to lunch today; this was another relatively unique experience as I rarely spend time with only one child: it was a treat for me as we talked in depth about all of her exciting plans as she looks ahead to university.

I just took it easy today with a standard 1,500 warmup (400 IM k/d, 4 x 100 descend swim, 16 x 25 w/monofin, 6 x 50 with middle 4 as IM pace) followed by 1 x 100 at target 1,500 pace (1:12 SCM = 1:13 LCM) and then another 50 easy.

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