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Of Swimming Bondage


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by , July 29th, 2014 at 10:29 PM (45 Views)
My Post-Taper-Swimmer-Blues hit in full force today. I thought I was pretty psyched to try my "Aussie 400" workout ( as I had gotten the opportunity to catch the live stream of both the women's 400 and men's 1500 finals at the Commonwealth Games. The full event coverage of both swims had great under and over water shots of studs like Ryan Cochrane in the 1500 and Lauren Boyle in the 400. I fully intended to try to model those swimmers on my effort today, but, once I got in the water, I had little feel for the water and even less motivation. I got through the warmup, a pitiful round #1 where I couldn't dip under 1:10 on a 100 SCM free and then floated and drilled my way to 3K SCM.

I think tomorrow, I am just going to strap on my new Garmin Swim watch and cruise a T-30, with no expectations on distance covered.

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