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After a long rest

Week 108 - Saturday

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I finally had a good nights sleep last night and felt decent this morning. I decided last night I was going to wake up 10 minutes early this morning and eat a little more than normal with the hope of having more energy. I had a big bowl of oatmeal and felt pretty full as I left the house but this feeling went away before I made it to the pool. The extra food and energy helped today. I was anticipating our race pace 100s at 500 pace but Tom decided to switch it up. At first I thought it was going to be a recovery workout but alas it most certainly was not.

Warm up
12x 2 turn 50s on 1min with snorkel

main sets
5x(1x25 free on 1min, 2x50 free on 1min, 3x100 free on 1min)
125 easy
12x50 drill swim on 1min

warm down
200 easy

The main set was a beast. The 25s and 50s became recovery from the 100s which were touch and turn and as the set went on it became harder and harder to even get close to the time. On each round I tended to follow the same pattern. The first 100 I was coming in at 57/58, the second right at 1min and then the last one I fell further and further off as the set went on. Through 3 rounds my last 100 tended to be around 1:02 but the last two I was 1:04 and 1:05. I don't know what to make from this set. I think I am in good shape but today and yesterday my pace seemed to suffer pretty badly as I went further. Maybe it's just a tough set but I had hoped to not die as badly as I did. The rest of this workout was swum as loose easy recovery.

after swimming I did 10mins on the vasa trainer and 10mins of abs then headed to yoga. Yoga was interesting today. We focused on wrists, elbows and shoulders and did some really interesting holds and stretches. I was very sore in places I don't think I have been in before.

Tomorrow ow is my kids meet and I am only swimming the 100 fly.

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Updated October 25th, 2014 at 01:11 PM by StewartACarroll

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